Every day at Unbabel we handle tens of thousands of translation requests across all kinds of content. Whether it’s directly via our API and customer order forms, or through one of our platform integrations like Salesforce and Zendesk, be it business critical or a low priority chat message, we must guarantee that all of that data stays private and safe. 

To do so, we have built several layers of protection which are continuously monitored and improved upon. 

Building the world’s translation layer is a fantastic mission. For us, that means becoming a transversal and pervasive service which can remove communication barriers anywhere, anytime, using a combination of artificial intelligence technologies (machine translation and an assortment of machine learning mechanisms) and a growing global community of bilinguals. 

This also means ingesting, processing and distributing a massive amount of data per second while guaranteeing that our customers’ standards for quality and speed are met. 

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