Already use Unbabel Translate for Zendesk to seamlessly translate customer tickets and agent replies? Awesome. Customers love being spoken to in their own languages.But did you know Unbabel can also localize your Zendesk Help Center in 28 languages just as easily? Enabling self-service on a...

Providing your customers with excellent customer service is extremely important. It can inspire loyalty, trust and encourage them to recommend your services to others. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing force that you shouldn’t underestimate. That’s why you have to make sure, that your...

When you work in sales or operations and your company is looking to attract more international customers, a great way to help make that happen is with small gestures. For example, simply using salutations in prospective clients’ native languages when you email them could be the deciding factor in whether you seal the deal. The gesture indicates that you truly do care and are willing to put in work. Think along these lines for salutations on notifications and apps, and you’re in an even better position. Italy has a lot of potential, because as you no doubt know, life there is highly relationship based. Adding a personal touch can be extremely effective, so here’s the scoop on basic salutation terms in Italian.

MyFitnessPal is a fast, easy to use calorie counter. Medical studies prove the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to keep a diary of the food you eat. Based on this the MyFitnessPal application was built to make calorie counting and food tracking easy. Millions of people have lost weight using the web and mobile apps, available in 15 languages! In 2015 the company was sold to Under Armour and is now part of its Connected Fitness division.

When you work in international sales or international customer support, creating a rapport with your customers is a high priority. Simple touches like using the user’s native language can go a long way. Trust us, your customers will appreciate the effort. And we know what customer appreciation leads to: loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals and, most importantly, sales.

When your business can afford it, using a translation service like Unbabel is the easiest way to make your customers happy, but you can still use the tactic before committing to full multilingual communication . As customers, we all like to feel like we’re appreciated small effort goes a long way. With that in mind, here are some basic terms for communicating with your Latin American customers.

You’re getting ready to go global, and you’ve just realized you know nothing about your international audience. While it is a common theme when small or mid-sized tech companies expand, you can set yourself apart by thinking hard about targeting your foreign market. Do you like websites that treat you like an outsider? Neither do your customers. Even just picturing yourself in your foreign customers’ shoes—and speaking their language—can go a long way. Get ready to market yourself in Deutschland by getting a firm grasp on these four characteristics of German online users.

Basic Phrases for Communicating with German Customers

When you work in sales or operations, it’s critical to think of ways to create a rapport with your customers. Even seemingly simple touches – such as using a client’s native language in certain communications – can go a long way. Trust us, your customers will appreciate and reward your effort with loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals and, most importantly, sales.

Later, as your business grows, you can enlist the help of translation services in localizing your content. For now, a few small touches are all you need to do. With that in mind, here are some basic terms for communicating with your German customers.