Community Spotlight: Bardja Mozayeny

A teacher, a boxer, a translator and avid reader.

That’s how Bardja Mozayeny, one of our 55,000 translation editors, describes himself.

Bardja was born in north-west Germany in a small town called Georgsmarienhütte, but he has always lived in Osnabrück, “a somewhat bigger, though still quite small, city in the German state of Lower-Saxony”, as he pointed out.

He studied English, French and literature in the University of Osnabrück, but studied abroad for two years — in Angers, France, and in Montréal, Canada. And that’s exactly when Bardja discovered one of his 12-year-old passions: teaching. “My work as a teacher has been the source of great pride to me. I enjoy working with children and helping them with their preparations for their finals.” — he told us.

However, teaching is definitely not the only thing that Bardja is passionate about. His love for languages and literature has always been there, somehow. Bardja speaks a total of 4 languages. “My parents came to Germany in the late 1950s and I do speak Persian”, as well as German, English, and French. He also studied some Italian and Mandarin at university and picked up some Spanish on the way, but he’s not yet fluent in any of these three.

“Languages are alive and despite the obvious need to put them into a grammatical straight-jacket, they are also the source of creativity, art, culture.”

Whenever Bardja has the time, he enjoys reading classic and modern works of German, English and French literature, and he has been practicing boxing in a local club for the past 10 years.

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