Unbabel’s Community Spotlight — Danielle Sewell

There’s a city in France known for its pinkish terracotta bricks called Toulouse and that’s where Danielle Sewell was born. Her German father and Czech-Austrian mother had moved there.

So in spite of living in a French speaking country, she was taught German from a very young age and it eventually became her native tongue as a kid.

However, when she went to preschool, her world changed. She had to learn a new language. “In the beginning, I used my hands a lot”, Danielle remembers. But in a couple of months she was speaking fluent French. “It must be true what they say; children are like sponges, they “absorb” (learn) very quickly”, she told us.

Today, Danielle, who now lives in Gers in the south-west of France, has kept her enthusiasm for languages. She speaks French, English and German. So it was only natural to her to become a translator. “My vocation has always been to “dive” into dictionaries and juggle with words, to find the exact translation for a special word, expression, etc”, Danielle admits.

She started translating for Unbabel in August 2015 and hasn’t stopped since.

“When I have time, I enjoy doing crossword puzzles (in French, English, and sometimes German) and that’s probably why I like working with Unbabel. For me the world of Unbabel is solving universal crosswords which combined with strict quality rules for accuracy, fluency and speed, makes every task a real challenge.”

When Danielle’s not working on translations she loves doing craft work and karate. Even though she got her brown belt in karate last June, she still admits that she’s no Chuck Norris. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Chuck Norris, but I’d set myself that challenge and I’m particularly proud of this personal achievement”, she told us.

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