Unbabel’s Community Spotlight — Dave Koppens

Dave Koppens used to play video games all day long. But, what looked like something he did just for fun –we all know how entertaining video games can be – turned out to teach him a new skill.

The thing is, most video games were in English and Dave only spoke Dutch as a kid. “Most games weren’t translated into Dutch back then, so it involved a lot of trial and error in order to progress in the game”, he explained.

Today, Dave speaks 4 different languages (fluent English and Dutch and basic French and German), and I’m assuming video games had nothing to do with learning the other two.

Dave Koppens was born in The Netherlands but, by the age of 10 he had already moved to Belgium with his family. He has been living there ever since. “I’m currently studying to become a real estate agent”, he says.

However, his passion for languages has not ceased and he has been part of Unbabel’s community of currently 55,000 editors for almost 3 years now. “I like the idea of bringing people from different parts of the world together, who otherwise wouldn’t understand each other”, he told us.

And with Unbabel that is really only one click away: “if I have some spare minutes, I open the Unbabel app and see if there are some translations available”.

Whenever he’s not working on translations or studying, Dave likes to play a few tunes on his guitar, to go out for a run, and to travel the world (as you can probably tell by his Instagram).

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