Community Spotlight — Rebecka Nylund

“It’s always been a pleasure for me”

Rebecka was born and raised on the west coast of Finland, in a small municipality called Larsmo (Luoto). Situated in the middle of a large archipelago consisting of about 360 islands and skerries, Larsmo is one of the larger islands, home to tall pine forests, a number of small towns and Finland’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Larsmo. 

“It’s the kind of place where almost everyone knows everyone,” Rebecka recalls: a small place with lots of forests and water.”

You might think that Finnish is the primary language spoken in Finland, but, as Rebecka points out, Finland is actually a country of two official languages: Finnish and Swedish,” which explains why Rebecka’s mother tongue is Swedish. 

In fact, until 2014, Swedish was Larsmo’s only official language. My Finnish is very bad actually, but I can still use it and understand a little bit,” Rebecka claims, and it is English that has become her stronger second language. 

“English is pretty fluent for me, even if I’m not a native speaker. It’s fairly easy as you hear and see it everywhere, constantly in music, movies, articles, books.” Translating between Swedish and English was therefore the most natural fit, but her knowledge of languages doesn’t end there as she also has a little French, after spending a year living there, and some German from her studies at school. A desire to learn and understand foreign languages has been with her for most of her life: 

I have always had a big passion for languages, so it’s always been a pleasure for me to translate and try to understand languages.


Rebecka started as a bilingual editor with Unbabel a year and a half ago, and there have been many surprising moments. 

“There’s been a lot of funny translations to correct during my time at Unbabel. Sometimes you find yourself laughing out loud to some crazy combined words now that’s beautiful!” She loves the flexibility of working remotely, using her laptop 98% of the time and switching up a desk for her favourite working spots: my bed, on the balcony or just in general outdoors whenever the weather is nice!” 

Instead of tuning into music while she works I can only listen to some nice vaporwave tunes, otherwise it tends to take away my focus” she focuses on the sounds of the world around her: it helps me craft sentences that make sense.” 

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