This is what you get when you mess with our bot!

When we released our Cyrano API we decided that the best way to show people what it can do with their bots is by placing one on our Facebook page and doing the API integration to make it multilingual. We used a known bot engine and gave him some basic instructions, so he can hold a simple conversation in any of the languages that he knows thanks to Cyrano API. The idea was simple – do you want to test how good Cyrano will do in your language? Go ahead and send him a message! 

Many people did, and it was pretty awesome.





But not everyone was interested in Cyrano’s language skills – some people took a different approach and decided to get to know our bot better (using good old English). That’s how Cyrano’s sassy nature, that we were not aware of, came to the light. 

He can speak Spanish, Arabic, Polish and French but is he fluent in Math? Some people wanted to know.



Others wanted to discuss current events. Cyrano lives on a server, so he wasn’t as excited about Google Home as everyone else.



Some people were pretty inappropriate and Cyrano thought it was very immature.


AI is a hot topic right now and many people are concerned that robots will take over the world. So some frustration was let out.


Internally, Cyrano helped us solve some important lunch dilemmas. Later this lead to another discovery – you can’t leave unattended hummus in the fridge because the CEO will eat all of it.


He also helped some confused employees get back on track.



And that’s how we discovered that the bot had a personality of his own – one that we should maybe work on a little bit. But the most important thing was that Cyrano was messing with people in any language they approached him in – that was it, our API worked really well! I’m not as gifted when it comes to languages as Cyrano (can I do the API integration for myself?), so if you had a funny encounter with him while speaking to him in a language different than English – let me know!

Okay, we get it, a lot of bots are really witty – but in how many languages? I bet it’s only one. So let your bot help/amaze/annoy/school people from all over the world in their native languages and integrate it with our Cyrano API. You can find more information here, read about it on our blog or go straight to Cyrano’s Facebook page and say “Hi”. Just remember, if you say it in English, you’re making it way too easy for him and he might get a bit sarcastic. It’s much more fun if you let him show off his amazing language skills.


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  • Alberto
    May 30, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    I’m not sure if you knew this, but to say something is “f*cked” means that it’s “messed up” or “broken”, not an expression of frustration.