Making your workflow multilingual with Unbabel’s Integrations Marketplace

Imagine that your entire workflow was multilingual.

You’d wake up one day and all of your business content, and all of your customer communications, were seamlessly translated back and forth without ever having to learn another language, or hire those who do.

Sound too good to be true? Well, we’re working on it!

That’s the idea behind our Integrations Marketplace, our showcase of the growing list of platforms and partners that trust Unbabel to remove language barriers in a trustworthy and scalable manner.

We sat down with Unbabel’s Director of Marketing, Fernando Amaral, to see how companies like Salesforce, Microsoft and Google are taking the lead as initial partners.

Hey Fernando! Why has Unbabel created an integrations marketplace?

At Unbabel, we envision a truly multilingual internet. We want Unbabel to be the world’s translation layer and this integrations marketplace bring us one step close to that goal. So, to give you a better idea, we have an API which is very complete and that can easily integrate with any company’s workflow. However, the whole point of having this marketplace is to offer integrations that are already built for the tools that are commonly used by companies. At the moment, we have lots of different integrations for customer support, for marketing, and so on, and our goal is to integrate with everything and truly be the internet’s translation layer. With the marketplace you can easily access the integrations we have built for the tools that your business is already using.

“We want Unbabel to be the world’s translation layer and this integrations marketplace bring us one step close to that goal.”

Which integrations are already up there and what’s next?

We started with the tools for customer support like Zendesk, Salesforce and Freshdesk, those were our first integrations but now we’re quickly expanding to many other tools. First we work with those that are most commonly used but the idea is to also work with third parties that want to collaborate and build their own integrations with Unbabel. There are thousands of applications out there for us to integrate with and it makes total sense to allow these third parties to work with us and make their own integrations.

So, you mean that people can use Unbabel to build their own integrations?

Yes, exactly. Our translation API is available for everyone that wants to build their own integrations. So, if a certain integration was not yet built you can reach out to us and do it yourself. We’ll give you everything you need so that you can build the integration. The Unbabel API is quite simple but we are always more than willing to provide the support on the technical side to develop these integrations to whoever is working on the integration.

And what about the strategic partners like Google, Microsoft, Zendesk? How is Unbabel working with these partners?

Yes, we have many strategic partners such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Zendesk, Convergys, which are companies that have been working with us for a long time.

Our product team works closely with these companies to make sure that Unbabel integrates seamlessly with their platforms, adding great value to their customer base. Our marketing and sales teams are also aligned in communicating how our products work together.

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