We have a huge vision for Unbabel to provide human-quality translations at the scale of machine translation. But how do we know we’re doing a good job? 

For us, quality is a blend of having a good initial text to work from, feeding it through our domain-adapted machine translation, and then intelligently distributing these outputs to a curated community of editors, who we support with tools and aids that allow them to review, post-edit and approve the content as fast as possible.

First, here are the multiple ways that we measure, control and optimise quality across our language pipeline.

Here at Unbabel, we want to enable everyone to understand and be understood, in any language. And that includes Salvador Sobral, Portugal’s first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest! 🇵🇹

Fuelled by Super Bock and Doritos, Unbabel’s marketing team banded together to create this little site with subtitles and lyrics (written by his sister, Luisa Sobral) for their beautiful song, Amar Pelos Dois, in 17 languages — all translated with Unbabel.

An article by Brandon Deer, originally published at OpenView Labs – “A Conversation on the Future of AI with Unbabel’s Vasco Pedro

Vasco Pedro has always been fascinated with language and the window it provides to how we process information. His undergrad studies focused on artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, and then he went to earn his master’s and PhD in natural language processing at Carnegie Mellon. Throughout his education, Vasco explored the fundamentals of how we think, how consciousness arises, and the core AI aspects of language.


In a $38 billion-a-year market for translation and localization services, the largest player is a military contractor that makes $730 million a year. The rest of the Top 10 make between $80 and $430 million a year.

It’s a massively fragmented market, with a long tail of players who all operate very similar business models — marketplaces which process client briefs on one side, and large pools of professional translators on the other who bid for the work based on their skills, experience and rates. Once a bid is won, each translator will then set about applying their craft to one piece of content at a time. Need more languages? Hire more translators.

It’s how things have always worked. But recent history has shown that which isn’t scalable is not sustainable. And that once you do find a new way of doing things, huge new markets of untapped potential are there for the grabbing.

Daniela Fontana, Web Project Manager at Italtel, had come across Unbabel in an article on a tech site and was curious to see if the AI + humans multilingual solution could solve their problems. After going through the trial period, the team was impressed by Unbabel's seamless workflow, short response time and support of every language they required....

According to the famous story from Genesis, a once-united humanity that spoke a single language dared to build a city and a tower — the Tower of Babel — high enough to reach the heavens. That endeavour was halted by the Biblical God, and humanity’s speech was confounded so they could no longer understand each other, giving root to the thousands of languages we have today....

Hey there, Vasco here. A few months ago, I was invited to be a speaker at DLD17 in Munich, from the 15th to the 17th of January, 2017. It was my first time both at a Digital Life Design conference and in Munich and it completely exceeded my expectations.I was hugely inspired by the combined talent and intellect of the hundreds of scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, politicians and artists assembled by the organisers, all in an attempt to answer the question, “Whats the plan?” for the challenges and opportunities ahead.Apart from being pleasantly surprised that two “random” people I spoke to turned out to be Amazon’s CTO and the designer of Fitbit (#humblebrag!), a few of the talks really stood out for giving me either a new perspective on a topic I thought I knew everything about, or completely blowing me away with something I’d never...