Unbabel’s Weekly Reads #5

How’s everyone’s Friday looking? 

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Here’s some of the great stuff we shared with each other this week. Perfect reads from the rebellious academics, failed philosophers, restless souls, frustrated artists, and all-round geeks that make up the Unbabel team.



Maybe the best way to start an amalgamation of news is with its antithesis? If you find yourself skimming through news, barely reading past headlines and constantly looking for the next new thing, this is probably for you.

Avoid News



The Goldilocks Principle 

When contemplating the road ahead to a truly intelligent AI (feels redundant, doesn’t it?), some are more optimistic than others. This writer in particular believes that, when it comes to the labs doing the research, they’re either too small née academic or too corporate. We’re still struggling to hit the just right.

Artificial Intelligence Is Stuck, Here’s How To Move It Forward



Robots Take On The Burgeouise

In a surprising turn of events, automation appears to be looking beyond the working class.

Nothing like a good robotic scare to shake up the status quo.

Robots Are Replacing Managers, Too



Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

(in multiple languages)

Buzzfeed has shifted from an ad hoc translation methodology to a team of 8 responsible for around 30 to 40% of Buzzfeed’s international editions. There’s even one particular job that involves reading the U.S. edition and pitching translations every day. Not too shabby.

How BuzzFeed Breaks News in Multiple Languages



Baby Steps

When it comes to computers programs and human beings, turns out that while a lot of obvious things separate us, a fair deal binds us together. Case in point, a team of programmers have discovered” that the key to learn how to walk is letting them learn from mistakes as they go.” Grandma would approve. 

Watch a Computer Program Teach Itself To Run For Dear Life



Tales of talking animals are not a new topic. Its roots go past Doge, Babe the Piglet and even the whole Walt Disney lot; you can trace it all the way back to pre-history. They’re outlets for our frustrations and desires, they provide joy, whimsy and moral guidance. 

What lies beneath the fantasy?

Why Do We Fantasise About Talking To Animals



The Rise Of Drone Detectives

There’s something about drone detective” that gets my mind flooded with distant memories of Inspector Gadget. However, the availability of low cost drones has come with its disadvantages. How do these law enforcement officers find the man behind the drone?

How Cops Catch Drone Flying Criminals



Malware Is Choking The World

Malware, unlike good software, cannot truly eat the world... Left unchecked though, it can choke it. This week’s events represent small battles won against malware, but the overall war is being slowly lost. How do we turn the tide?”

Malware Is Choking The World



So long, Farewell

The fossil fuel industry is on its last fumes. Here’s an almost poetic ode to the decline of this energy tyrant since the early 20th century.


This is How Big Oil Will Die



The joys of the remote life

“Two GitLabbers, Robert and Douwe, took our the company will cover travel costs to visit colleagues” policy and ran with it, spending six months visiting and working with 49 different colleagues in 20 cities, in 14 countries, on five continents.” 

Around the World In 6 Releases



Making Patronage Great Again


Patreon has a noble mission, one that goes far beyond quote help artists move out from their parent’s garages unquote. It aims to fund the creative class” and caters to a crowd of cultural internet niches that may just live to see their kids getting a living of their art.

Inside Patreon, The Economic Engine Of Internet Culture



And, as we say goodbye, a something to set the tone of your weekend:

There we have it. Now go start your own cultural revolution or, you know, go to the beach and have a nice picnic with family and friends. No pressure.

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