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Bit4coin is a service that makes it easy for beginners to buy their first bitcoins. Virtual currencies are still in their infancy, and are often quite abstract to explain and far from user friendly. CEO Dolf Diederichsen wants to change that, and Unbabel for Zendesk is one of the key tools he uses to make his business work.

Case study: bit4coin and Unbabel for Zendesk

"Unbabel supercharges our customer support"

One of the most important things that any bitcoin-related business needs to establish early on is trust. Most customers are new to virtual currencies, and new to bitcoin, and managing both fears and expectations are crucial for bit4coin’s business to survive and thrive.

Building this trust takes a number of forms, but communicating with customers using natural, personal language is high up on the list of how bit4coin tackles this. The more they know that real people are working hard behind the scenes to deliver a great experience, the more reassured they are.

Being able to do this in customers’ native languages take this trust to the next level, and gives Bit4coin a competitive edge that’s hard to replicate without the huge staffing costs that come with hiring more multilingual operatives.

“Unbabel helps us to stay lean”

Bit4coin is a small team. To serve multiple markets in Europe, it’s essential for the company to be able to offer great customer service across dozens of languages. Before using Unbabel, the team would manually translate customer queries using online translation services and then reply in English, apologising up front for not being able to speak the customer language.

Starting off a reply to a customer with “sorry” in a language they don’t speak is far from ideal, and even in countries like Norway and Sweden, where proficiency of English is much higher than average, customer satisfaction is far higher when they are addressed in their own tongue.

With Unbabel, every single customer support agent at Bit4coin is able to handle tickets in all major European languages. As the company grows, management can focus on hiring someone who is simply excellent at customer service, without language playing a factor.

With Unbabel for Zendesk, Bit4coin can service an entire continent. What could you do with Unbabel?

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