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Musement was created to give travelers better vacations. Musement carefully curates experiences. Think skip-the-line museum passes, cool bike or walking tours - like the Jack the Ripper tour in London or the underground music tour in Berlin, wine tastings, and pretty much any tourist activity you’d want to do when traveling to new cities so that travelers can have hassle-free holidays, save time at destination, and come home with the best memories. Operating out of Milan, in 2015 Musement recently raised €5 million to expand to more cities in Europe and the Americas.

Musement: Optimizing your translation workflow using the

Unbabel API

The Challenge

For travel startups especially, translated and localized content is key. People are much more comfortable making online purchases in their native language, and Musement recognized this early on.

“When you travel you want to be sure that you understand everything: what you’re buying, the specifics of the activity, product, or experience you’re buying, all presented in a way that encourages trust.”

Claudio Belinzona,

COO & Co-Founder at Musement

Presenting the entire user experience in a customer’s native language allows Musement to meet customers where they are, and give them the confidence that they won’t regret their purchase.

But, when you’re constantly producing new content, the translation process has to keep up.

The Search

Musement began to search for alternatives, with translation quality and workflow simplicity as key decision factors. All the content is written in their own CMS so the ability to connect to us was very important.

Some of the services evaluated failed on quality: the Musement content team had to spend too much time reviewing each translation and that was not acceptable. On the other hand, providers had old-fashioned processes whereby the Musement team had to submit content via email or directly on the supplier's platform, which again they found too time-consuming.

Musement results in numbers


Target Languages

Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, English, Dutch, Russian


Words Translated

Using the Unbabel API, Musement was able to integrate all processes within its own backend and send content to be translated with just the push of a button.This eliminated all the work done previously collecting and submitting new content to translators.


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