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MyFitnessPal makes calorie-counting and food-tracking easy, helping millions of people to lose weight through a suite of web and mobile apps across 15 languages. Unbabel is crucial to maintaining high customer satisfaction via multilingual FAQs and support cases.

Case study: MyFitnessPal and Unbabel

Multilingual FAQs - worth the investment?

As B2C companies grow past their original borders, localised content becomes key to continued success. MyFitnessPal grew to have its web and mobile apps translated into 15 different languages, but its customer support content lagged behind.

A big first step would be to have knowledge centers and FAQs translated into the same languages. But hundreds of articles with hundreds of words across 15 languages can add up to a significant investment, not to mention the content deployment and management.

“We started by testing the translation of our Help Articles into one other language. What we found was a decrease in the number of support cases by 20% and a customer satisfaction increase of 50%. We were struck by the return on investment and knew we had to push ahead with localising everything with Unbabel.”

Julie Monniot-Gaillis,

Localization Coordinator

Unbabel Email API Integration

MyFitnessPal’s development team used the Unbabel API to create a script that downloaded all Help Articles, sent them to Unbabel, and distributed the returned translations directly into a content management system.

The results have continued to impress, with thousands of dollars in savings.

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Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazilian and French


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