Dashlane Simplifies and Scales Multilingual Customer Support Using Unbabel With Zendesk

15. Juni 2021y


Dashlane implements Unbabel to streamline its existing multilingual customer support and scale operations across new languages without friction beyond native-speaking agents.


Dashlane aims to make it simple for its users to protect and securely access their passwords and other data. Looking inward, however, the company had a multilingual customer support process that ultimately made things more complicated for international users. More specifically, Dashlane faced challenges managing its existing customer support for key international markets like France and Germany, which made the company hesitant to provide support in additional languages. 

By integrating Unbabel directly with Zendesk, customer service agents are now able to provide seamless multilingual customer support with translations that closely fit Dashlane’s tone of voice. This new agility has opened Dashlane to consider expanding to more languages and markets than were viable before.

“We want to create a product that’s human-friendly at the core. It needs to be straightforward to get a solution when you have a problem and simple to know who to reach out to for help. So Dashlane is on a continuous quest for simplicity to create the most human-friendly product out there.”

— Simon Horowitz, Customer Support Manager & Service Manager at Dashlane

About Dashlane

Dashlane is a web and mobile app that simplifies password management for people and businesses. It empowers organizations to protect company and employee data, while helping everyone easily log in to the accounts they need—anytime, anywhere— without compromising on security. The Dashlane team also views password management as a very human problem in the cybersecurity space. That’s why it’s essential that Dashlane’s platform and customer support prioritizes simplicity and human-friendliness at all times.

At a glance

  • 15 million users worldwide
  • Adopted by 20,000 businesses
  • Customers in 180 countries

The challenge

Simplifying the complexity of multilingual customer support

At the core of Dashlane’s mission and product is simplicity. The company wants to ensure that its users can easily and securely access their passwords without the challenges of remembering them, knowing when to update them, and more. When users need customer support, however, being able to speak with an agent in their native language is far from simple. 

While Dashlane had a team of native speakers for important markets like Germany and France, this approach was challenging to manage. The company recognized that the key to providing great support is to build a strong customer service team, but it required excessive resources to hire and train agents for specific languages. Dashlane also needed to account for shifts in demand and evaluate the necessity of supporting low-volume languages. 

These challenges left the company with a tough decision to make: spend more on multilingual customer support or provide a level of support in German, French, and other languages that isn’t up to par with their English support. Luckily, Dashlane discovered that a third option was to leverage a Language Operations (LangOps) solution like Unbabel.

The solution

Seamlessly integrating Unbabel with existing workflows

Once Dashlane chose to adopt Unbabel, it was a quick and seamless process to implement its human-machine translation into existing customer service workflows. Unbabel had an out-of-the-box integration with Zendesk, the ticketing tool Dashlane uses to manage on average around 2,000 customer inquiries in French and German each month. Not only was Dashlane able to integrate Unbabel with Zendesk in just a few clicks, but it was also just as easy to onboard new agents onto the LangOps platform.

The Unbabel integration with Zendesk means Dashlane’s customer service agents can communicate with customers in another language without switching to another tool. Agents simply respond to a ticket in their native language, and Unbabel’s unique human-in-the-loop AI approach ensures that their response is translated accurately and efficiently behind the scenes. The Zendesk plug-and-play integrations for chat and email support tickets are also completely seamless for users. In fact, international users can now communicate with Dashlane support without any knowledge that the agents don’t speak their language.

“We integrated Unbabel with Zendesk, our ticketing tool, which was a key part of the decision when looking for a translation service. We didn’t want our team to have any friction while providing great support for our users, so the Zendesk integration was very important for us.

— Simon Horowitz, Customer Support Manager & Service Manager at Dashlane

Authentically translating Dashlane-specific language

With Unbabel, multilingual communication is seamless for both customer service agents and Dashlane users. More importantly, Unbabel has enabled Dashlane to adopt a multilingual customer service model that still feels human and authentic. For example, the company has a lot of technical language that’s specific to the platform. Unbabel’s machine learning algorithm is trained with this knowledge, and paired with human editors to translate this information while still keeping Dashlane’s tone of voice.

“The biggest benefit to working with Unbabel has been being able to create a model that feels human and authentic to Dashlane, and that speaks our product language. It’s been really great to create that seamless experience for our users and our team alike.”

— Simon Horowitz, Customer Support Manager & Service Manager at Dashlane

Building an agile global language infrastructure

Dashlane set out with the goal for its new multilingual approach to match the performance of its English-speaking customer service team, but the company exceeded these metrics. In fact, the ability to more easily provide support seven days a week across customer channels with Unbabel has paved the way for Dashlane to adopt multilingual operations in other languages with ease.

Since Unbabel reduces the need to hire and coach native speakers when adopting new languages, Dashlane was able to consider support for smaller market segments as well. This newfound agility to expand operations to new languages and markets is crucial for an increasingly global company like Dashlane.

“One of the reasons we chose Unbabel is because we’re constantly looking across the market for opportunities to support operations in a specific language. We know with Unbabel we’d be able to start a project like this very quickly, without needing to hire and coach new people in that language.”

— Simon Horowitz, Customer Support Manager & Service Manager at Dashlane

Unbabel’s Impact:

  • Improved first reply time by 25% for both French and German customers.
  • Reduced resolution time by 25% for French and 35% for German customer inquiries 
  • Increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 3 to 4% for German language customers
  • Began tapping into technical expertise of agents rather than native language skills.
  • Expanded language strategy to consider new markets, such as French and German, that weren’t feasible previously.

Looking to expand across markets or optimize your multilingual operations with on-brand quality? Unbabel can help.

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