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Unbabel FAQs

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Unbabel allows you to seamlessly publish and manage help center content in all the languages you need. Stop worrying about translation and start deflecting.

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Quickly produce and manage multilingual self-service content.

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81% of customers attempt to find the answers they need on their own. By giving your customers self-service tools and information in their native language, you’ll improve customer experience — and boost CSAT scores.

Deflection strategy

Save the best for your team

With a multilingual help center, you can deflect routine queries and let your agents handle the toughest cases like pros. Unbabel FAQs helps boost your team’s productivity, making support operations more efficient and improving overall customer experience.

Cost efficiency

Unbabel translates into big savings

By combining the best of human and artificial intelligence, Unbabel has made the translation process vastly more efficient and cost-effective for enterprises. Unbabel FAQs creates meaningful operational impact without sacrificing the quality of the support experience.

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Simplify your multilingual FAQs without leaving your preferred Customer Service and CRM platforms.

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If you’re using another platform or a proprietary solution, you can integrate with our Translation API or reach out for a custom build.

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How does Unbabel work?

Unbabel is powered by a combination of Neural Machine Translation and a global network of bilingual speakers. Native speakers post-edit the MT outputs to match the quality of human-only translation, bringing you the best of both pure MT and pure professional translation. There is a complex system architecture in place to make all of this happen, incorporating state-of-the-art machine learning, proprietary data, and self-learning mechanisms that ensure increases in speed and quality over time.

What languages do you support?

We currently support 29 languages and dozens of language pairings between them. Depending on requirements and volumes, we are also able to open up custom language pairs on a per-customer basis.

How long do translations take?

Delivery times for knowledge base content and frequently asked questions will depend on the length of your articles and technicality of the language used. Overall our turnaround times on short articles fall within the range of 12–24 hours. This is longer than for tickets, as we pass our articles through an additional quality review.

How do you ensure the quality of translations?

Unbabel ensures consistent translation quality through two key checkpoints — assessment of the quality of the work delivered to our customers, and assessment of the quality of the editors in our global community. We conduct weekly quality audits on delivered translations, which take into account accuracy (minimizing changes in intended meaning and additions or omissions of content); fluency (detecting grammatical and spelling errors to ensure intelligibility); and style (relating to formal vs. informal tone and compliance with customer instructions and glossaries). Additionally, we perform regular, ongoing evaluations of individual editors and continue to build and improve tools that boost their performance.

How do you handle the privacy and security of my customer communications?

Most of Unbabel’s customers are understandably very sensitive to issues of privacy and security, as their customer communications often contain personal identifiable information (PII) such as names, addresses, emails, credit card numbers, passwords, etc. We provide several layers of effective security and privacy mechanisms, including an anonymization process that removes these data from content before it enters our translation pipeline, replacing them immediately before delivery. Unbabel is fully compliant with the EU’s GDPR, and any customer may request signed agreements called Model Clauses or DPA (Data Protection Agreements) for assurance that their data is being safely processed.

How much does Unbabel cost?

Unbabel is a subscription-based translation service calibrated to your needs and data. We don’t charge per language, per word or per user — but rather by content type and volume. We believe pricing should reflect what you need, whether it’s multilingual customer service tickets, chat and FAQs, localized product listings, video subtitles, or something else.

Does Unbabel translate other types of content?

Unbabel’s “Translation as a Service” platform is ideally suited for high-volume “firehose” content types, but we are continually experimenting with new use cases and applications — particularly automated transcription, translation and subtitling of video content. We also occasionally are able to deliver large volumes of e-commerce product listings and search keywords for existing customers.

Does Unbabel work with my current platform?

We offer several integrations with the most popular CRM and chat platforms on the market, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, Helpshift, among others, so you can get more agile multilingual support straight out of the box. You will be ready to start engaging in multilingual chats within hours. Is the platform of your choice is not in our integration list? No problem. You can either integrate with our API or request a custom integration. If we determine that we are able to accommodate your request, we can get your multilingual support up and running within weeks.

Unbabel FAQs

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