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Carla Parra Escartín

Director of Linguistic Services

Carla Parra Escartín is the Director of Linguistic Services at Unbabel. She holds a M.A. Degree in English Philology from the University of Zaragoza (Spain), M.A. Degrees in Translation and Applied Linguistics from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain), and a PhD in Computational Linguistics from the University of Bergen (Norway). She has over 10 years of research experience in linguistic infrastructures, human factors in machine translation and multiword expressions (MWEs). Throughout her career she has worked in various EU-funded projects and actions (LIRICS, CLARIN, FLaReNet, CLARA, PARSEME, DASISH, EXPERT, EDGE, INTERACT), as well as nationally-funded projects in Spain (TACOC, CLARIN-CAT) and Norway (CLARINO). She has published 3 book chapters (+3 upcoming), 11 peer-reviewed journal papers (+3 upcoming), over 24 papers at internationally peer reviewed conferences, as well as 9 Deliverables for EU-funded projects. She has been awarded 3 Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships (one pre-doctoral and two post-doctoral) and has served as reviewer for the most prestigious venues in Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics, including ACL, EMNLP, WMT, EAMT, COLING and MT Summit. She is a member of EAMT, ACL and SEPLN and nominated officer of the Standing Committee of the SIGLEX-MWE, a special interest group focusing on research in MWEs. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Phraseology and Multiword Expressions Series (LangSci Press). She is currently the Director of Linguistic Services at Unbabel and her team is in charge of monitoring the quality of all Unbabel translated content, both produced by the machines and by our community of editors. Their analysis is used to provide linguistic insights as to what are the most common errors observed and how to tackle them to improve the overall quality of the translations delivered to the Unbabel customers.

Papers published


Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Multiword Expressions and WordNet (MWE-WN 2019)

None 2019

11 Exploiting Data-Driven Hybrid Approaches to Translation in the EXPERT Project

Advances in Empirical Translation Studies: Developing Translation Resources and Technologies 2019


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  • Archna Bhatia
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  • Tunga Güngör
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  • Uxoa Iñurrieta
  • Jolanta Kovalevskaitė
  • Simon Krek
  • Timm Lichte
  • Chaya Liebeskind
  • Johanna Monti
  • Carla Parra Escartín
  • Behrang QasemiZadeh
  • Renata Ramisch
  • Nathan Schneider
  • Ivelina Stoyanova
  • Ashwini Vaidya
  • Abigail Walsh

Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Linguistic Annotation, Multiword Expressions and Constructions (LAW-MWE-CxG-2018) 2018

PARSEME multilingual corpus of verbal multiword expressions

  • Agata Savary
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  • Verginica Mititelu
  • Eduard Bejček
  • Fabienne Cap
  • Slavomír Čéplö
  • Silvio Cordeiro
  • Gülşen Eryiğit
  • Voula Giouli
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  • Carla Parra Escartín
  • others others

Multiword expressions at length and in depth: Extended papers from the MWE 2017 workshop 2018

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Ethical Considerations in NLP Shared Tasks

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Questing for Quality Estimation A User Study

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PARSEME Survey on MWE Resources

Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'16) 2016

The first automatic translation memory cleaning shared task

  • Eduard Barbu
  • Carla Parra Escartín
  • Luisa Bentivogli
  • Matteo Negri
  • Marco Turchi
  • Constantin Orasan
  • Marcello Federico

Machine Translation 2016


Living on the edge: productivity gain thresholds in machine translation evaluation metrics

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German Compounds and Statistical Machine Translation. Can they get along?

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