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Paulo Dimas

VP of Product Innovation

Paulo Dimas is the VP of Product Innovation at Unbabel, leading Unbabel Labs, the team inventing the future at Unbabel. Paulo has a passion for products, having developed the first commercial one at 14 years of age. After joining the research center INESC at 16 to work on interactive systems, Paulo co-founded 2 tech startups and created patents in geo-location technology. Paulo has developed award-winning projects for major companies in the media and telecom industries.

Papers published


  • Unbabel Scribe

    Transcription can be a big piece of translation flows, especially when it comes to audiovisual content. This project aims to research & develop a technical solution for automatic transcription and translation of audiovisual content by leveraging a community of human translators (P2020 Co-Funded Project).

  • Unbabel4EU

    We’re working on advancing European language engines for borderless business communication. Create Europe’s Translation Layer, specifically, by enabling seamless human-quality translation between any pairing of the 24 official languages of the EU in different content types such as Email, Chat and Listings (P2020 Co-Funded Project).