Meet the team

Creative and passionate people, looking for the next big challenge


Vasco Pedro, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder

Owner of the vision, fighter of emotional debt. Surfer, traveler, eclectic. Father of 4 girls. ``Be prepared.`` PhD in Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University.


João Graça, PhD

CTO, Co-Founder

PhD in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning at IST + Upenn with Professors Fernando Pereira, Ben Taskar and Luísa Coheur. Author of several papers in machine learning with side information, unsupervised learning and machine translation. Co-founder of the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School.


Bruno Prezado

Lead Designer, Co-Founder

Communication Designer, ex-Art Director. Part-time copywriter. Amateur photographer, occasional illustrator. Rides buses for inspiration.


Hugo Silva

Fullstack Developer, Co-Founder

Attacking all fronts, from backend to frontend. Zen master. Owns a kitten (or vice-versa).


Paulo Dimas

Head of Product

Product development mastermind, released first commercial product at the age of 14. Envisions a world where AI-empowered humans can develop the new lingua franca.


André Silva

Community Dev

Develops software for the Community Team, full-stack engineer in training at Instituto Superior Técnico. Self-improvement enthusiast. Loves TV series and Louis CK.


Hugo Macedo


Focused on Growth, defocus as no-code-hacker and cleaning the floor when needed. Engineer turned Marketer turned Entrepreneur, curious about Humans. ``Don't try harder, try different!``


André Martins, PhD

Senior Researcher

Leads the Unbabel-X research team. Disrupts translation with AI, single-handedly. Writes papers once in a while (with the other hand). Enjoys Tarkovsky movies.


Raquel Pereira

Customer Success

Tireless team leader, making customers happy. Ex-scout. Rides a motorcycle. ``No day is a bad day.``


Ricardo Ribeiro

Sales Executive

Contributes to Unbabel’s growth. Readaholic who’d rather work on world changing ideas than sleep. Has been working in the Lisbon startup ecosystem for the past few years.


Xiao lanxin

APAC/Nordic Community Manager

Talks to translators, understands them, and connects them to Unbabel and the world. Born in Asia, lived in North America, fell in love with Europe. Surf aficionado.


Camille Diard

French Linguist

Translates, annotates, and curates in French. Passionate about languages, their history and development. Lisbon resident for 3 and a half years (and counting).


Nuno Santos

European Portuguese Linguist

Translates, annotates, and curates in Portuguese. Loves traveling not only to see the world, but to hear the world's languages.


Helena Moniz, PhD

Quality Assurance

Translation Quality Czar. Loves cinema, theater, dance, travel, books, and long walks. Adores comics.


Ramon Astudillo, PhD

Senior Researcher

Research scientist in signal processing and machine learning. Specializes in non-orthodox areas of machine technology. Working to bring technological singularity closer to the present.


Afonso Graça


Responsible for Frontend, Mobile & UX development. Dreams of living in the United States. Proud owner of a Gretsch White Falcon and an OP-1.


Carolina Lourenço

Customer Success

Tireless, remote, omnipresent customer supporter. Enjoys Sweden, but misses Portugal's sunlight.


Camila Pohlmann


Translation multi-tasker, makes sure the job gets done. Born in Rio de Janeiro, but can't dance the samba. Speaks 5 languages - or 6, if you count cat-anese. Really hates cilantro.


Mo Tafech

Customer Success

Engineer turned customer happiness advocate. Full time human. Makes sure you are well understood.


Sofia Rocha

Junior Web Designer

Part designer, part frontend developer. Can be found sketching mobile app pages. Youngest member of the team, dislikes chocolate.


Adel Abugren

Spanish Linguist

Likes to discover the power of words in many languages. From Valencia, but unable to cook paella. Loves reading, film, photography and the orange tinted sunbeams at sunset during the summer.


Lucia Comparin

Italian Linguist

Came to Lisbon to study translation, likes learning languages and tongue-twisters. Loves the smell of basil and saffron.


Fernando Amaral

Inbound Marketing

Explores all inbound marketing channels, with a focus on SEO. Discovering new ways to use the Unbabel API. Making the bridge from computer science to marketing.


Maria Braga

Support Machine Translation Developer

Robotics mastermind and machine translation ``machine``. Loves traveling and experiencing cultures all around the world. Also enjoys good food and laughing out loud!


Pedro Resende

Data Science Developer

Finds patterns in chaos, signals in noise. Teaches robots how to learn by themselves (maybe Skynet will spare him?). Loves travelling, hates planes, flies anyway. Cooks a good meal; enjoys eating one even more.