Unbabel Translation Quality

Accurate. Consistent. Scalable.

Translation quality you can trust.

Powered by AI,
 refined by humans

Augmented by award-winning artificial intelligence software, Unbabel’s tens of thousands of bilinguals work around the clock to deliver trustworthy human-quality translations at scale for some of the world’s most well-known brands.

Adapted to your business’ needs

Unbabel employs custom Machine Translation engines using state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) adapted to our customers’ domains, as well as client-specific glossaries and style guides to ensure translation quality and speed in every step of the way.

A human touch when it matters

The translations are then distributed to a curated community of
 50k+ editors around the globe who bring everything up to human quality by smoothing out hard-to-catch errors and ensuring accurate and fluent translations.

Quality assurance

Not only is the community of editors evaluated on a periodic, recurring basis, we back that up with regular quality audits and assessments of the translations we deliver, and which can be tailored to each customer, ensuring we’re always improving.

Award-Winning Quality Estimation

Unbabel has the world’s most state of the art Quality Estimation system. 
This system provides an automatic quality score for a machine translated output, enabling human post-editors to pay special attention to the parts of sentences that need to be changed.

The more you throw at it, 
the better it gets

These models throughout the pipeline are self-learning by nature, allowing for the system to increase the quality and speed of translation over time.

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