Global Trends in Marketing Localization 2023

Learn how 1600+ of your global marketing peers are scaling into new markets for international growth

Engaging customers in their local language matters more than ever: it converts.

But for global marketers, content is endless: websites, product listings, ebooks, whitepapers, blogs, apps, paid ads, video, and so much more.

We surveyed 1,668 marketers across Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA to understand how they keep pace with the ever-growing demand for multilingual content across more channels and markets:

  • What localization strategies are global marketers using to get the right quality?
  • How are they embracing AI and automation to move faster and handle the scale?
  • What type of content are they localizing to drive international revenue growth?

Read the full insights to find out how you stack up against your global marketing peers.