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Now you can translate all your online content, from blog posts or product descriptions to your customer service and newsletters.

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Translation for Travel

From destination descriptions to international customer support

Unbabel helps growing travel industry players like Skyscanner, Hotel Tonight and CityPass scale their translation workflow and wow their customers with translated branded content, product descriptions and awesome international customer support.

Translation for
Customer Support

Just connect to the Unbabel API or use the Unbabel for Zendesk integration

Companies are using Unbabel to offer the best possible international customer support experience, in their users' languages. Companies like Oculus, MyFitnessPal and Viki already know that 75% of non-English online shoppers are more likely to repurchase from brands who offer customer support in their native language.

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Translation for

Connect to the Unbabel translation API for a scaleable workflow

55% of online consumers prefer to buy in their own language. That's clear to companies like Younique who use Unbabel to translate at scale generating trust and increasing engagement with their international users.

Translation Services
for Growing Startups

International growth or world domination

Unbabel is right beside you: use our Translation API for website content, apps, or product descriptions; Unbabel for Mailchimp can handle your marketing messages and newsletters; and international support emails and self-help knowledge centers are covered with Unbabel for Zendesk. Grow in multiple markets without hiring bilinguals or freelance translators.

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Built for scale

Localize all your communication.
500K words per week? No problem.
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High quality, by real people

Our technology helps translators work faster and better.
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Fastest human translation

Great turnaround time:
80 words under 20 minutes.
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Zero-copy paste

The Unbabel Translation API, and integrations with MailChimp and Zendesk plug into your communication workflow seamlessly.
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Go global with less hires

No need to hire multilingual staff or your own freelance translators, we manage the translators for you.
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Wondering about price?

With our subscription pricing, cut your translation costs up to 70%!
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How do you guarantee translation quality?

Each text is reviewed by at least 2 people from our curated community of professional translators and native speakers.
Only 15% of the people who apply to work at Unbabel as translators, are selected to work on your content. Translators receive constant feedback on their work, and will work to meet your demands. We offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

How fast is your translation service?

In general, from English into Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, French and Italian you can expect 15 minutes for and 80 words email. Large projects, above 500,000 words can take a few weeks. Other language pairs and project size mean different timings.

What type of content can I translate using Unbabel?

Any kind of written text. Unbabel works best with high volume projects like product descriptions, mainly content that can be sent via API.

Why are you better?

We combine Technology with Translators working online in a way that has never been done before. We also make professional translators better and faster. That's why we can translate high volumes of text, with consistent quality, very fast.

Wait, do you sell machine translation?

No, we do not. All the texts that go through Unbabel are reviewed by at least 2 trained translators. Our technology includes but is not limited to Machine Translation. Learn more on the How Unbabel Works page.

What next?

Just talk about your localization and translation needs, and start a pilot. , find out how Unbabel can help you.

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