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Global from the get-go

Unbabel lets you reach your customers like a native speaker.

Icon of a speech bubbleMake your team multilingual in 5 minutes

Unbabel lets your Customer Service team answer tickets in your users' native languages. Do this without hiring multilingual agents.

Companies like Oculus, MyFitnessPal and Viki already learned that 75% of non-English online shoppers are more likely to repurchase from brands who offer customer services in their native language.

Read the MyFitnessPal Case Study

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To get high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), speedy answers are crucial. Unbabel can deliver your answers in your customers' languages in as little as 20 minutes.

Learn more about our Speed.

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We work with a Community of professional translators and native speakers. They live around the world and work online on the Unbabel Platform on their computers, and on the move, on their mobile phones.

Learn more about our Community.

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Icon of a graph lineHigh Level Customer Satisfaction

Your customers won't tell the difference: Unbabeled tickets have Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) levels on par with native support.

  • Increase second purchase chances with a few clicks
  • Increase language coverage without hiring more agents

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What customers say

"We decreased the number of support cases by 20% and customer satisfaction increased 50%! Using Unbabel to translate our FAQs has a clearly positive ROI!"

Julie Monniot-Gaillis

Localization Coordinator, MyFitnessPal

Carly Sabine

Community Support, Viki

"Unbabel has been an amazing addition to our customer support. It's rare to find a service that provides speedy, high quality translations from real people -- and on top of that, it's easy to use!"
"Unbabel have proven themselves to be a valuable partner, covering languages that were difficult for us to offer. Their support is excellent, and we are very happy with their services."

Jon Thorne

Global User Satisfaction Manager, Skyscanner

Frequently asked questions

Why should I provide international customer support? I thought English was enough.

According to Common Sense Advisory, 74% of online shoppers say they are "more likely to purchase the same brand again if the after-sales care is in their language", even if they speak good english. How many repeat sales are you losing? Our current customers also tell us that by speaking their user's languages they are discovering amazing feedback about how their products are used in other markets.

Can I use Unbabel translation to deliver international customer service?

You bet. You can count on thousands of people around the world to translate your agent's answers into your user's native languages! The Unbabel community is ready at all times.

How do the CSAT scores compare for translated tickets vs. tickets answered by agents natives of other languages?

CSAT scores of unbabeled tickets are 100% aligned with tickets answered by multilingual agents, sometimes they are even higher! Your customers will love your service!

How long will it take me to train my agents to use Unbabel for Zendesk?

Training will be less than 15 minutes. The Unbabel for Zendesk app is a simple, non-obtrusive app on the agent's normal ticket interface. Enabling translation on the ticket ads 1 click.

How long does the translation of a ticket take?

Into popular languages, less than 20 minutes. Translated customer service tickets are delivered, on average, in 90 minutes. Check out the speed page for details.

Does the agent need to return to the ticket to approve and send the translation to the final user?

No, why would she? If she spoke the language she could compose the answer herself!

Tell me the quality of your translations. Is this Machine Translation?

No! Unbabel has a large community of translators who work around the world. Only 15% of applicants pass our quality evaluation tests. Our translators are awesome, and will adequately translate your brand's voice and tone into your user's native language.

I thought Unbabel was a translation company. Can I translate other content?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Unbabel is building the world’s translation layer, starting with Multilingual customer service, but we accept customers with other content types. If you have a lot of content (thousands of blog posts, product descriptions and user generated content) and you can connect to our API, please contact our sales team to find out if you are a good fit.

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