Building multilingual understanding between companies and their customers


Everyone deserves to understand and be understood regardless of the language they speak.

You probably already talk to your users every day.

You track each click, optimise landing pages, convert visitors to users and fire off emails, all to deliver a better service.

But you can always do more for your customers.

You can speak their language.

At Unbabel, we help organisations do just that.

Unbabel supercharges our Customer Support.

Dolf Diederichsen
CEO, bit4coin

Unbabel has been an amazing addition to our customer support.

Carly Sabine
Community Support, Viki

Using Unbabel to translate our FAQs has a clearly positive ROI!

Julie Monniot-Gaillis
Localization Coordinator, MyFitnessPal

You’ll be in good company.

Hotel Tonight

In the Media


The smart part comes in because the translation system actually learns from the translations happening within its system. It begins to recognize translation patterns, so that if it sees a particular way of translating a phrase, it will learn that is the correct way of saying it — essentially learning what’s correct and what isn’t.

Translation Startup Unbabel Unveils New Smartcheck Technology


Translation service Unbabel has announced a new integration with MailChimp that allows customers to translate their newsletters and promotional emails into more than 20 languages.

MailChimp taps Unbabel to offer translations of promo emails in more than 20 languages

Yahoo! Finance

Unbabel eliminates language barriers between companies and their customers by combining artificial intelligence with human translators to deliver a scalable and affordable solution to high quality translation.

Unbabel Inc. Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding From Matrix Partners, Google Ventures and Other Leading Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors


Web translation service firm Unbabel combines artificial and human intelligence to deliver faster translations with human quality. Backed by Y Combinator, Unbabel estimates that its cost effective machine translation format has saved business customers $2 million on their translation needs.

Portugal Discovers Its Spirit Of Entrepreneurial Adventure


Co-Founder of the Year

Unbabel’s Artificial Intelligence

At Unbabel, AI and humans work together.

We develop state-of-the-art technology which has a direct impact in our business, improving translation quality, the selection of translators and in predictive translation.

We are at the forefront of innovation in Artificial Intelligence for Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation and Deep Learning.

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