Unbabel Partnerships

Unbabel works hand-in-hand with some of the world’s largest BPOs and outsourcing companies. They have the scale and operational expertise, then we step in with our AI-powered, human-refined translation platform. Together we’ve created custom, transformative, never-before-seen multilingual support initiatives for major brands worldwide.

We work with our partners to provide exceptional multilingual support around the world. Together we help brands…

Save money

by consolidating and moving contact centers to lower-cost locations.

Boost efficiency

by combining augmented machine translation with human editors for fast, high-quality translations that work anywhere.

Delight customers

by providing instant, authentic support in their native language.

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Through the partnership with Unbabel we do not have to look at the best talent within a language, now we can hire the best people

Danny Kuivenhoven,

Head of Digital Transformation

For our customers

We work together with you and your BPO partner to help you reach your goals. We work closely to develop a joint solution that is seamless and makes sense for your bottom-line.

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Unbabel has allowed TaskUs to drive growth, drive revenue and make things much easier for our end customers.

Violaine Duchateau,

TaskUs Customer Service Director

Hit the ground translating

Unbabel easily plugs into the customer service platforms you’re already using, acting like an instant, invisible translation layer between agents and customers. So you can offer multilingual support across multiple channels, including chat, email, and FAQs.

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