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Zendesk Support.
Anywhere in the World.

Your best team. In any language.

Unbabel enables your agents to provide instant multilingual customer support, with the ease of machine translation plus the finesse of a human.

Powered by state-of-the-art AI combined with our proprietary community of global translators, Unbabel for Zendesk delivers translation at enterprise scale.

We help businesses to provide seamless multilingual customer support across various Zendesk channels like Agent Workspace, Support Tickets, Live Chat, and Help Center (Guide).

Reduce cost, meet surges, and support your growth
to deliver exceptional CSAT worldwide with no disruption to agent’s workflow.

Unbabel easily plugs into Zendesk’s digital ecosystem.

Zendesk, Translated
Zendesk, Translated
Zendesk, Translated

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

Built for Enterprise


Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant with robust data encryption and anonymisation, our platform ensures the utmost privacy and security.


Your customized translation engine recognizes your unique brand voice, and learns from customer interactions and editor input over time.


We grow alongside companies, adding new languages based on demand so you can grow and expand into new markets.


We partner with major BPOs and support providers to offer multilingual customer support around the globe.


We’re with you every step of the way, offering premium customer support and a dedicated customer success team.


Unbabel integrates with major customer services platforms you already use, or we offer custom APIs to fit your needs.

Use UNBABEL + ZENDESK to scale your operations and increase your multilingual support coverage without increasing costs.

Global coverage

Deliver extraordinary customer service across multiple languages.

Customer experience

Improve first contract resolution

Product expertise

Hire the best agents, regardless of what language they speak

Resource elasticity

Scale according to volume spikes

Lower TCO

Reduce the costs and the difficulty of hiring native speakers

Agent productivity

Make customer service profitable

Logitech was able to quickly increase staffing by 45 percent, while keeping spending flat, and strategically increase the existing team’s efficiency in order to absorb the extra demand.

Adriana Vazquez Del Mercado,

Head of CX, Core Operations