Speak customer success, fluently

Unbabel delivers trusted machine translation services built upon our unique multi-stage process, allowing you to transform your existing teams into multilingual human translators. We enable real-time multilingual customer experiences so you can reach out and resonate with customers across all the different languages they speak.

How Unbabel works

The Unbabel Language Operations platform combines the speed, efficiency, and deep learning of machine translation with the polish of our global community of editors and human translators. The results are high-quality translation workflows that adapt to different content types and use cases, allowing you to confidently deliver a consistent experience across the entire customer journey.

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Quality is threaded through every stage of our process

Unbabel’s translation systems put quality at the heart of everything we do, from our ability to predict translation quality, to automating scoring of machine translation models, through reinforcing AI learning through human scoring and edits. We continuously refine our translation workflows to provide the most accurate translations and the best possible quality.

Machine learning that learns your brand

With machine translation engines and translation memory customized and trained to match your unique brand and the language pairs you use, Unbabel becomes an invisible, instant translation layer between you and your customers. Augmented machine translation has rigorous and automated quality assurance processes built-in to keep your language translations top-notch, always. 

Translations tailored to a local context

Whether your customers speak English, Spanish, Arabic, or any other language, context is key: Our global community of professional translators, bilingual editors, and linguists translate, review, and refine our AI translation software to help you reduce time and costs on post-editing, and deliver customer experiences with empathy, meaning, and steeped in cultural nuances. 

Your project management HQ

Monitor your Unbabel subscription, request translations across different languages, channels and files formats, and get comprehensive metrics, datasets and reports on your translation process – from speed to quality – all in one self-service dashboard. You also get insights on how the different languages being used impact your business to help you build a language strategy for your optimization. With Unbabel, translation management has never been easier.

Integrate without interruption

Unbabel comes with a host of native integrations for leading platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Magento, and WordPress to deliver automatic translations instantly into existing workflows. And for any non-native apps not on the list, our robust APIs allow developers to plug Unbabel into any existing apps by building custom integrations. 

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Our quality is as good as our reputation

We’re proud to say that over 70% of our clients have been relying on our translation solutions for over five years. From augmented AI translation tools, to humans in the loop, to a dedicated team monitoring quality, we’re here to raise the bar when it comes to translation technology.

We’re all about helping you create and automate the best multilingual customer experiences

Unbabel offers a host of solutions for any website translation needs you have. From global support in any digital channel, to app localization, our advanced artificial intelligence, industry-leading machine translation models, and the polish of our community of native-language editors and human translators that fuel machine learning make us the right choice to support you and your target languages.