Speak the language of customer happiness.

Unbabel enables multilingual communication across email, chat, and FAQs, so you can communicate with your customers anywhere — in your customers’ language.

How Unbabel works

The Unbabel Language Operations platform combines the speed and efficiency of machine translation with the polish of our global community of native speakers for high-quality translations so you can deliver excellent customer service in any language across digital support channels like email, chat, and FAQs.

Augmented machine translation

With translation engines customized and trained to match your unique brand and the different languages you use, Unbabel becomes an invisible, instant translation layer between you and your customers. Augmented machine translation has rigorous and automated quality assurance processes built in to keep the engines and translations top-notch — always.


Our global community of native-speaking, locally fluent editors review and refine the machine translations with empathy, context, meaning, and cultural nuances. They ensure consistently high-quality translations and help us continuously improve and retrain the engines so they get smarter and more intuitive over time.


Monitor your Unbabel subscription, control translations across languages and channels, and get comprehensive metrics and reports on everything from speed to quality — all in one convenient self-service dashboard. The Unbabel Portal lets you operationalize languages, get a holistic view of how they impact your business, and build a language strategy for your organization.

Integrations & APIs

Unbabel comes with a host of native integrations with leading platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Intercom, so you can start translating right where you work. Our integrations are flexible and allow you to keep your favorite customer support, marketing channels, and platforms, powering your existing workflows with high-quality translations. And for other applications not on our list, Unbabel’s robust APIs allow developers to plug Unbabel into any existing application by building custom integrations.

Translate your customer experience with Unbabel.

Unbabel snags high performer position in G2's machine translation grid.

Machine translation software automates the process of translating text from one language to another.

  • Translate text word for word, or incorporate rule or statistic-based functions
  • Automate translation into multiple languages
  • Instantly produce copy that can be edited by translators
  • Provide tools for editing translated text
  • Organize or allow for the management of translated text