Take complete control over your translation journey

Enterprises globally enjoy the flexibility, control and visibility of LangOps

Intelligent workflows, machine translation with optional human review, and transparent reporting combine to create the most effortless all-in-one translation platform.

The power behind the LangOps Platform

Automatically predicts the quality of every single translation to determine if it meets the bar or requires optional human review.

Unbabel leverages a variety of MT models and uses the best AI-powered engines, while our Entity Technology pinpoints ‘salient’ text elements, expertly anonymizing potential privacy breaches and aligning translations with your brand’s voice.

Lower-scoring translations are meticulously reviewed and refined by our global community of editors, enhancing quality and ensuring accuracy for your content.

We work where you work. Connect Unbabel to your existing CRM, CMS or marketing automation systems with our native integrations or by leveraging our API.

Translate any time, at any scale

Easily request translations for ad-hoc needs or for large-scale projects, with the most commonly used file formats available including csv, docx, json, pptx, srt, strings and many more.

Complete visibility, complete confidence

From translation usage to quality to billing, enjoy complete visibility into your translation management, plus tools to filter, sort, and drill down for deeper analytics.

Translate your way, across all your content

With our Pipeline Builder, set your parameters for speed, quality, and cost so you’re in complete control. Deploy, manage, and view your translation workflows for all your markets, content types, or language pairs.

Want to see how your translations are performing?

Verify the quality of your translations or explore the best model from other third-party providers with our award-winning Quality Estimation technology.

Check the quality
of any translation

Discover the MT model
with the best translation quality

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We work where you work

Seamlessly integrate Unbabel directly into the most popular marketing automation and content management systems such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, Shopify, Stibo & many more.

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As a global Fintech company, we want to reach our customers in their own language with the right message. We needed a partner to help us communicate at global scale effectively but without altering our brand voice.

Diana Tufan Localization Manager, Tradeshift

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