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Think globally, speak locally

Unbabel is an AI-powered Language Operations platform that lets companies realize their global potential. We enable you to translate conversations in real-time so you can expand your reach and strengthen customer relationships worldwide.


Major brands in tech trust Unbabel to support their growing global user bases

Part human, part machine, totally efficient

Pure machine translation often lacks polish and nuance, while hiring a professional translator is costly and time consuming. Unbabel’s hybrid approach combines the best of both. Giving you high-quality translations to wow your customers in every language.


Make your workflows multilingual

Unbabel integrates seamlessly with the customer service platforms you’re already using, acting like an instant, invisible translation layer between agents and customers. So you can offer multilingual support across multiple channels, including chat, email, and FAQs.

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One Portal for all your LangOps

The Unbabel Portal provides more transparency and control over your multilingual support. It’s a self-service LangOps hub where you can manage day-to-day tasks, like translation volume and billing, while also gaining high-level insights that could impact operations.

How it works

LangOps platform

  • Augmented Machine Translation

    Unbabel uses augmented machine translation to automate translation and provide organizations with a faster, more efficient, and more effective way of translating content.

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  • Editors

    Our native-speaking editors review and refine the augmented machine translations to add local nuance, and ensure high-quality translations.

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  • Portal

    The Portal is a self-service LangOps hub where you can manage billing, subscriptions, and view usage data to gain valuable insights.

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  • Integrations

    Unbabel integrates with the platforms you’re already using, so agents can provide multilingual support within their existing workflows.

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  • Channels

    For global enterprise organizations, this means fast, cost-effective translations across major digital support channels like chat, email and FAQs.

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Key Benefits

Unbabel is…

  • Secure

    Our platform was built with data protection in mind. Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, with robust data encryption and anonymization to ensure the utmost privacy for our customers and their customers.

  • Personalized

    Your customized translation engine is built to recognize your unique brand voice and terminology. Plus it learns from customer interactions and editor input to improve translation quality over time.

  • Scaleable

    We grow alongside companies, adding new languages based on demand so our customers can grow and expand into new markets.

  • Trusted

    We partner with major BPOs and support providers like Teleperformance, Concentrix, Majorel, Google, and Microsoft, to offer multilingual customer support for enterprise brands around the globe.

  • Dedicated

    We’re with you every step of the way, offering premium customer support and a dedicated success manager to help you grow over time.

  • Seamless

    Right out of the box, Unbabel integrates with the major customer service platforms you already use, or we offer custom APIs to fit your needs.

More product highlights

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We’ve seen CSAT scores jump as much as 10 points, and in one instance, we increased issue resolution by 20 percent.

Vicent O'Brien ,

EMEA Support Delivery Manager at Microsoft

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