Translation plans for all businesses

Whether you’re expanding to new markets or have a mature operation, Unbabel’s plans grow with you.


For organizations building out multilingual operations

From $0.00055 per word

Minimum $10,000 commitment

Essential support:

Customer Happiness

  • Support in Portal
  • 24/5 Support
  • 24 hrs FRT

Customer Success

  • Not available


  • Shared LangOps Specialist
  • Email support
  • Limited Quality Monitoring
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For organizations scaling multilingual operations

From $0.00050 per word

Minimum $30,000 commitment

Advanced support:

Customer Happiness

  • Support in Portal & Email
  • 24/5 Support
  • 12 hrs FRT

Customer Success

  • Shared CSM resource with regular touchpoints


  • Shared LangOps Specialist
  • Email support
  • Limited Quality Monitoring
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For organizations with mature multilingual operations

From $0.00048 per word

Minimum $120,000 commitment

Includes $20,000 in language credits

Premium support:

Customer Happiness

  • Support in Portal & Email
  • 24/7 Support
  • 6 hrs FRT

Customer Success

  • Dedicated CSM
  • Advocacy activities
  • On-site visits
  • Prioritization of feature requests
  • Early Access Programs


  • Dedicated LangOps Specialist
  • Live and email support
  • Regular agent retraining
  • Quality custom reports
  • Proactive quality monitoring
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Get translating, fast

Unbabel partners with your business to get you setup to translate to your brand, business and workflow goals

Whether it’s curating glossaries and translating terminology, or moving quickly with standard terms, you can get started with the right level of customization.

We help you translate where your team works, if that’s a CRM, a CMS, or anywhere else you need to make translations happen.

Your Unbabel LangOps partner works to test, calibrate and refine machine translation engines before go-live, acting as your linguistic and AI expert.

Translate your way

Select the translation pipeline that meets your business needs in speed, cost and quality for the content type.

  • Realtime Translation

    Deliver at incredible speed by using machine translation algorithms that offer instant translations.

  • Hybrid Translation

    Go fast, but with quality by layering in a level of human review on top of machine translation. Using Unabel’s in-house quality estimation tools, lower scoring content gets human review, while automating repetitive content.

  • Specialist Translation

    The most accurate, domain specific translations combining machine translation with specialist translations to ensure adaptation to brand, industry terminology and meeting the highest quality standards.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Unbabel Units are a common translation currency that standardizes the cost per translation. An Unbabel Unit has a fixed cost and it varies for each content type. This provides clarity into billing and consumption and allows customers to mix content types and communication channels.

No, we only charge for outbound translations sent to end-customers. Inbound translations are included free as part of platform access and subject to fair use.

Unbabel has a straightforward onboarding process that makes sure businesses are enabled to benefit from our LangOps Platform from go-live. We work with customers to determine how to approach linguistic resources like glossaries and terminology, uncover what level of training and support is needed, and deliver integrations into key workflows.

Unbabel has a number of native CRM, CMS and other integrations available and can also integrate through our set of APIs. See our integrations page for more details about how we support customers.

Unbabel supports over 130 language pairs. Find out more on our supported languages page.

Unbabel is ISO 27001 certified and leverages robust data encryption and anonymization mechanisms to make sure that customer and business data is always protected. Read more about our security and data protection policies here.

A translation pipeline is a sequence of automated translation and human post-editing steps used to translate content, involving various steps such as:
  • Language detection
  • Translation
  • Quality estimation
  • Post-editing


It is configured by Realtime, Hybrid or Specialist types to meet the needs for speed, quality and cost, and determines how content flows from requests through the Unbabel platform, all the way to end-delivery.