Level up your global translation game

Unbabel helps you play from anywhere in the world with translations that range from in-game UX to marketing and support — so you can deliver an adventure that truly speaks to gamers, no matter where they press Play.

Score big with global gamers

Authenticity is the name of the game. Building player loyalty is a combination of localizing your best-selling titles, creating a consistent experience in-game, fostering multiplayer connections and community, and providing fast, quality support, for a truly immersive experience.

  • Ready player experience

    From app store listings to in-game play to support, players experience your voice and personality in their preferred language, earning you points and distinguishing your brand.

  • Support that’s always on

    With scalable chat and email translation plus a multilingual help center, you’ll be there for customers 24/7 — exceeding expectations wherever and whenever they’re playing.

  • Press play to deploy

    Players are everywhere, so don’t shut out potential players with English-only customer experience and support. Unbabel lets you provide comprehensive multilingual coverage and can help you roll-out to new markets and languages as fast as you can press play.

Multichannel. Multilingual. Multiplayer customer experience.

Unbabel helps you deliver a consistent customer experience across the globe, in the channels your customers expect, built for your unique business needs.

App Localization
Product Localization
Newsletter and Campaigns

Chat fluently

We translate inbound and outbound chat conversations in a matter of seconds.

Email effortlessly

We integrate seamlessly with your existing email platform, so agents can respond to customers in minutes.

FAQ seamlessly

We help you publish high-quality help center content in a range of languages.

Global scale. Local language.

We deliver localized in-app gaming that preserves your unique gaming experience in any language.

Spark interest in any language

We support your app store listings as often as they need to be updated so you can always connect with your local market.

Keep players in the loop

We translate communications to keep players informed of your latest news, updates and releases and help grow your brand and convert more gamers with a fast, scalable process.

Unbabel gives you the freedom to create a cost-saving location strategy that works for your business. Instead of hiring a large team of expensive native-speaking agents, you can consolidate your physical footprint, or hire fewer agents in cost-effective places.

With the added bandwidth brought by Unbabel’s translation, you can focus on expanding your player universe by incorporating more marketing campaigns, quality content, and precision marketing. We’ll take care of translating for international customers so you can focus on winning them over.

Our platform was built with data protection in mind. Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, with robust data encryption and anonymization to ensure the utmost privacy for our customers and their customers.

Launching Unbabel at Wargaming through Zendesk’s ticketing platform was a seamless experience. It allowed the company’s support agents to waste no time in offering top-tier assistance without regard for language barriers.

Fabien Dupont,

Player Relations Senior Global Project Manager

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