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Unbabel Integrations

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Our translation solutions integrate with the most popular CRM, Chat, and content management platforms. No assembly required.


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Engage your global customers inside Zendesk

Seamlessly translate your customer interactions with Unbabel for Zendesk Support, Chat, and Guide.

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Empower your customers with multilingual support

Engage your customers and fuel your global growth with Unbabel for Salesforce Service Cloud, Live Agent, and Knowledge.

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Handle multilingual customer support effortlessly and cost-effectively

Improve first contact resolution regardless of the customer’s language and agent's location.

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Live chat like a local

Get localized translations for your personalized support, fast, with Unbabel for Intercom live chat.

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Translate your conversations, maintain your workflow

Respond to your customers in their native language quickly and accurately, with Unbabel for Freshdesk.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Make your intelligent support even smarter

Simply and accurately translate customer conversations, with Unbabel for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Shift your support into high gear with built-in translation

Provide rapid conversational support in all the languages your customers speak, with Unbabel for Helpshift Tickets and Chat.

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Unbabel for Wix Answers

Support your customers in their language

Bring native-quality translation to your email support with Unbabel for Wix Answers.

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Integrate Unbabel into your existing workflow with our Translation API, or reach out for a custom build.