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No matter the market, Unbabel helps you deliver quality customer experiences that boost customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, and truly capture the hearts of global customers. Whether your goal is making your support team multilingual, or reaching new customer bases through excellent customer service and content localization, we have the languages for you. Language barriers will never get between you and your international customers again.

Available language pairs

What is a language pair? A language pair refers to two languages that can be translated from one to another, for example English > Arabic. In a language pair, the source language is listed first and the target language is second. We continue to introduce new language pairs based on customer demand.

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Expand to new markets or optimize existing presence with our rich set of language pairs across a range of channels, including real-time chat, email, FAQs, knowledge base, and more, for fully multilingual customer support and marketing.

Optimize language translation speed and quality with best-in-class MT engines built on industry data, which automate easily into your existing workflows via Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, and more. Our global community of editors, translators, and linguists ensure accurate translations through careful post-editing and enhance AI performance.

Stay true to your brand tone and voice in any language with our domain adaptation and retraining process that customizes and fine-tunes each machine translation engine, so that no matter your use case, the translation process will be seamless and guarantee high-quality translations in your customer’s native language.

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We’re always taking requests for new language pairs.