4 Steps for Great Customer Experience During Shopping Spikes

Dealing with unexpected surges in customer support requests can be tricky, but with the help of this checklist you can ensure your teams are ready for any situation.

About this checklist

With online shopping reaching new heights each year, businesses are bracing themselves for record-breaking sales. However, you also need to brace yourself for returns, after-sales queries, and increasing demand in customer service requests. So how do you prepare your teams for success in challenging times?

This actionable 4-step checklist will provide guidance on how to overcome these spikes beforehand, during, and after peak periods.

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What you can do ahead of time to minimize pressure on your team during a spike

The best tactics that can improve efficiency, reduce response times and empower agents

Which metrics can help you benchmark success and prepare you for the following year

What you can do to motivate your team and boost morale during stressful times