From Localization to LangOps: A New Approach to Your Multilingual Customer Support Needs

When working with clients across the globe, the term "Localization" is one many customer support teams are familiar with. But with the need for global organizations to expand in a more efficient and scalable manner, the birth of Language Operations (LangOps) is changing the way these teams work.

LangOps is a strategy that unifies and leverages people, processes and technology to enable visibility.

In this session, Unbabel’s VP of Customer Operations, Jason Richardson, sits down with customer experience expert Adrian Swinscoe to explore the need for a localization upgrade, the importance of LangOps, and why 90% of decision makers believe it’s going to be vital to their global market strategy (2021 Unbabel LangOps Survey).

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is LangOps and how it’s becoming critical when expanding a business
  • The current challenges support teams face with localization, and how LangOps can help overcome these challenges
  • How customer support teams can become more efficient through new methods of working