Keep your customers happy, even during peaks in demand.

Add the efficiency of automated translations to your customer service so you can continue engaging your customers through support spikes.

Increase agent productivity with faster resolutions.

Unbabel gives you the ability to immediately and seamlessly cover unpredictable surges in customer support demands. Our AI-powered Language Operations platform helps you add automated translations to your support workflows so your team can focus on more critical tasks.

Create operational efficiency and improve workforce planning.

Keep your shopping surges from affecting your turnaround and handle times — without putting any additional strain on your existing agents. With Unbabel, you can optimize your team’s efficiency with more predictable shift patterns and less hiring and training. Plus, if you do hire, you can hire for product and support expertise, not for native-language skills.

Accommodate long-tail languages faster.

Easily support customer inquiries in low-volume languages that are expensive to support. Unbabel eliminates the stress of hiring native speakers to support these languages by making your existing agents immediately fluent in any language.

  • Secure

    Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant

  • Agile

    Ability for your team to support multiple languages simultaneously, including low-volume languages

  • Operationally flexible

    Freedom to use the best, low-cost locations for customer service

  • Trusted

    Airtight data encryption and anonymization to protect your and customers’ data

  • Efficient

    Automation to help your team be more productive and ready to absorb surges

Block background

Unbabel empowers our customer care team to provide Panasonic customers in Europe with an in-depth understanding of their concerns and the means to communicate a response uniquely tailored to their needs. Now, we provide our customers with a unified and outstanding experience regardless of the language they speak.

Bruce Swan,

European Customer Care General Manager

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Delight your customers, even during unpredictable spikes in support.