Launching a LangOps Platform Self-Service Trial

January 25, 2023

Unlocking first-hand access to Unbabel’s high-quality translations at no cost

Since 2013, Unbabel has been laser-focused on building an advanced Language Operations (LangOps) platform, translating billions of words per year for some of the most renowned brands in the world. We are so confident in the quality of the translation services we deliver that we have released a free trial program with self-service access to our platform, inviting brands to experience it first-hand, before committing to a purchase.

Access your free trial here

The LangOps Platform

AI has always been at the core of everything we do at Unbabel. We combine cutting-edge translation technology from our research teams with the human component whenever technology alone does not suffice. This virtuous combination of humans and AI gives us a toolkit to achieve the best speed, quality, and cost combination for each use case.

We know that machine translation might be enough for synchronous communication, while a professional translator specialized in the subject matter will ensure your multilingual content has the polish of a native speaker. Switching the solutions around would not work — the chat conversations would be too slow, and the articles too prone to translation errors. 

We also know that technology can help us improve the translation process both proactively — by continuously retraining our engines with new data — and reactively — by identifying the root cause of any problem or omission and fixing it. This can mean curating a new glossary term, launching a new version of an engine, and updating the style guide and instructions that translators see, among many other things. This is a perfect example of humans and technology joining forces to achieve higher quality over time. 

The people behind this process — linguists, engineers, operations, annotators, and more — combined with our elite LangOps platform, help deliver billions of translated words for multiple different use cases, always with speed, quality, and cost at the forefront. 

The new self-service experience

Currently, Unbabel’s customers receive the best results by leveraging the full potential of our platform through the support of the Unbabel LangOps Team. But we want to make the same experience available to more users — those who want to dive into what it means to be a LangOps expert and experiment freely with our tools.

We’ve built the toolkit, and we’re now making it available to you through a self-service free trial. 

Users can sign-up right now for our beta launch of the self-service LangOps platform, and within minutes, they can request translations combining human and AI, integrate with Zendesk for seamless translation, or even leverage advanced AI components such as our Quality Estimation technology

How to do it? Three simple steps 

1. Create your own Unbabel account

Head over to and use your business email to create an account. After confirming your email and setting up your password, you’ll need to choose a memorable domain for your platform, and… Welcome to Unbabel!  

Here’s an account setup for Gil’s Lemonade Stand, a multilingual business

2. Set up your translation pipelines

We mentioned how our translation quality evolves over time. Key to this is what we call translation pipelines. They are the combination of steps that are taken from the source text to the translated text and will be different depending on the use case you are solving. 

After naming your pipeline group — we recommend you name it after the content you are translating — you can choose which template best fits your translation project:  

Each template has unique strengths and weaknesses: Remember that chat conversations are a great fit for machine translation only, but you might want a specialized translator to look at the translation if you’re posting it on your website. These three options should be good to cover most of the content you need to translate — and later you can explore how to further customize the pipelines, going from good translations to great ones — so choose the one that best fits your needs. 

Finally, select the languages to which you want to translate, as well as the register.

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first pipelines and taken a huge step in becoming a world-class LangOps expert.

3. Request translations

You are now ready to translate content for all your target audiences. You can use the Unbabel On-demand in the apps menu to request translations to multiple foreign languages at the same time through a simple interface:  

Access On-demand in the apps menu located in the top right corner

If you are looking to make your Zendesk customer support agents multilingual in a seamless way, check out our 5-minute integration guide.

What’s next?

Your free trial includes 1000 free words. After that, please reach out to our support team to replenish your units, as well as receive advice on how to advance your platform. 

By creating a translation pipeline, you took the first step to becoming a LangOps pro; however, there’s still an array of tools left to further improve your translation layer that we will be launching over the next few weeks:

  • Set up a glossary to ensure consistent translation for your brand in every target language 

  • Curate translation memories to speed up repetitive content

  • Schedule quality assurance routines to catch any errors

Explore this beta version of the platform and let us know your feedback. 

Stay tuned as we reveal more advancements of the LangOps platform in the coming weeks.  

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