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Customer Service Solution

The next dimension of multilingual support

We help you serve customers in any language, with fast, fully integrated translations of the content powering your support operations.

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Customer satisfaction

Earn points for understanding

Customers are more comfortable when you respond in their native language. Fast native-quality support paves the way for a smoother customer experience — as well as improved first-reply, handling time, backlog, and CSAT.

Unbabel works straight out of the box, and the human element really lends a sense of security. Our customers are demonstrably happier now.

Lauri Haav, Head of Customer Loyalty

Operational efficiency

Be your best team

Your agents bring the support skills. We bring the language skills, along with flexible hiring and expanded self-service options. Translation? Leaner, happier teams, and more resources for your strategic initiatives.

Unbabel fits in seamlessly with everything we do in Zendesk. Pricing is very attractive, and quality outstanding, so it’s a no-brainer.

James Baldwin, Senior Manager of Customer and User Support

Total scalability

Remove the language variable

As your business grows more complex, we keep translation simple and cost-effective. We can handle peak-season volumes and help you cover long-tail languages – no matter where you’re based or which agents are on shift.

Unbabel doesn’t just cut the cost of customer support — it allows us to provide support in scenarios where previously we simply couldn’t.

Jon Thorne, Global User Satisfaction Manager

Localized branding

Give your global brand a local touch

Our solution helps you sound like a local — and like yourself — in any language, with human-edited translations that incorporate your brand’s style guides and custom glossaries.

At trivago, we want to empower each of our user at every stage of their experience. We want to reflect this philosophy in the way we communicate to them. Unbabel’s high-end customization ensures a consistent tone of voice that reflects our brand’s value.

Carolin Wilms, User Support Team Lead

Enterprise ready


We combine artificial and human intelligence to deliver native-quality translation at scale, consistently outperforming standard machine translation engines.

Industry experts

Customers are unique, so multilingual support should be, too. We optimize our products for your brand and sector.

Your trusted partner

Major global brands use Unbabel to deliver long-term customer success strategy globally and innovate at enterprise standards and scale.


Our solution is fully GDPR-compliant, automatically detecting and redacting your customers’ personal information.

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Enter the next dimension of multilingual customer support without leaving your preferred CRM platforms.

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Case study

CSAT scores that soar

Learn how Skyscanner increased its CSAT scores by more than 22% by translating their customer support content with Unbabel.

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Customer Service Solution

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