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Customer Service Solution

The next dimension of multilingual support

Unbabel’s native-quality translation makes your support team multilingual, reducing costs and response times while boosting customer satisfaction.

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Customer satisfaction

Superagents deliver better experiences

Unbabel removes language as a job requirement, allowing you to assemble your strongest team, based on support skills and product knowledge. Major brands like Microsoft and Skyscanner have seen CSAT scores increase by as much as 22% with Unbabel.

Unbabel has helped us increase CSAT scores by about 20% in the foreign languages we're supporting. Because the general team can field inquiries, we saw the first response time cut by 50%.

John Wie, Director of Customer Experience

Operational efficiency

Unlock efficient multilingual support

Fully scalable support translation makes for more agile, more efficient support operations. This flexibility has enabled brands like Skyscanner to decrease first response time by 70%. With Unbabel, you can optimize shifts, boost team productivity, and cut down on backlog. No additional hiring necessary.

Unbabel's solution is providing flexibility during language spikes and maintaining a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Dafydd Dil, Regional Digital Operations Manager


Authentic support at a fraction of the cost

Unbabel empowers you to provide cost-effective support from strategic locations and optimize coverage for long-tail, hard-to-hire, and expensive languages. With multilingual chatbot and FAQs, you can take your deflection strategy to the next level, further reducing costs. Unbabel customer easyJet saw savings up to 76% on live chat support in notoriously expensive languages like Dutch and German.

Unbabel doesn’t just cut the cost of customer support — it allows us to provide support in scenarios where previously we simply couldn’t.

Jon Thorne, Director of User Satisfaction

AI + human translation

Native-quality in every language

Our AI-powered, human-refined translation solution ensures you sound like a local — and like yourself — in every language. Our translation engines incorporate your brand’s style guides and custom glossaries, and they only get better with time.

We've used Unbabel services to handle all sorts of customer queries and we are finding fantastic results. First is the translation quality and accuracy, but more importantly CSAT and resolution rates.

James Cross, Digital & Service Senior Strategy Lead

Enterprise ready


We combine artificial and human intelligence to deliver native-quality translation at scale, consistently outperforming standard machine translation engines.

Industry experts

Customers are unique, so multilingual support should be, too. We optimize our products for your brand and sector.

Your trusted partner

Major global brands use Unbabel to deliver long-term customer success strategy globally and incorporate an innovative gig model into their workflow.


Our solution is fully GDPR-compliant, automatically detecting and redacting your customers’ personal information.

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Enter the next dimension of multilingual customer service without leaving your preferred platform.

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Case study

Navigation support backlog at Tomtom

Find out how TomTom turned multilingual support into a competitive advantage with Unbabel, boosting operational agility while keeping customer satisfaction high.

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Customer Service Solution

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