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Unbabel Chatbots Early access

Sound like a human, deflect like a machine

Turbocharge your chatbot to deliver multilingual support at scale with our Early Access Program. Unlock the full potential of your chatbot to automate customer service globally in several languages.

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Engage customers in any language on your preferred platforms

How it works

Unbabel seamlessly augments your customer service chatbot to deliver multilingual support.

Use Unbabel to train your bot in customer languages or translate into primary bot language.

Your bot will match the customer intent to the appropriate translated responses.

Our AI-powered, human-refined translation pipeline ensures you sound like a native in every language.

Total scalability

Cover every language with just one bot

Building and maintaining a separate chatbot for each language isn’t efficient or scalable. Unbabel Chatbots removes the language variable, allowing you to scale your existent chatbot in several languages seamlessly. That means no customer left behind, and no duplicated work.

Native-quality translation

Mistaken for native. Unmistakably you

Our solution makes you sound like a local — and like yourself — in any language, with human-edited translations that incorporate your brand’s style guides and glossaries. Unbabel combines human and artificial intelligence to ensure your customers get native-quality translations.

Operational efficiency

Save the best for your team

With an always-on multilingual chatbot, you can deflect up to 80% of routine questions, making your operation more efficient and cost-effective. With basic queries out of the way, your agents can focus on the complex cases where they’ll have the biggest impact.

Make your bot multilingual in no time

Get your multilingual chatbot up and running fast, with one of our native integrations, Unbabel Chatbots API, or our web-based translation interface.

Looking for something else?

We’ve got you covered

No matter what chatbot platform you use, Unbabel makes delivering multilingual chatbot support simple.

Web-based interface

Just upload your chatbot knowledge base file (.json or .csv) on our web-based interface and we’ll translate it into other languages. Upload it onto your chatbot platform, and deflect like a machine.

Chatbots API

Our Chatbots API seamlessly integrates with bot platforms and customer service workflows. Reach out to learn how you can integrate our translation API into your chatbot platform.

No such thing
as a bad question

How does Unbabel Chatbots work?

There are two approaches we can deploy to make bots multilingual: (1) teaching the bot a new language, by training models for intent classification in different languages; or (2) Using domain- adapted MT to translate the user’s messages to the bot language. In either case, the bot will process the customer request (intent classification), match that intent with the appropriate template response, and reply to the customer in his native language. We pre-translate the chatbot template responses, combining artificial and human intelligence to deliver native-quality translations.

Why multilingual chatbots?

Bots are finally coming of age and being used in CS to automate up to 80% of routine tasks and basic customers enquiries. We expect that more than 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human by 2020. Multilingual chatbots fill the gap when it comes to automating multilingual support at global scale — especially when only about 7.5% of the world’s population consider English to be their native language. However, most chatbot platforms don’t support multilingual functionality for their bots, meaning that enterprises have to take on the onerous work of creating and maintaining a multilingual bot knowledge base. Many businesses will use chatbots only for the primary language contacts, failing to unlock the full potential of chatbots and automate global customer service.That’s why we’re launching Unbabel Chatbots to make your bot multilingual seamlessly — so you can stop worrying about translations and start deflecting.

How do you ensure the quality of translations?

Unbabel ensures consistent translation quality through two key checkpoints — assessment of the quality of the work delivered to our customers, and assessment of the quality of the editors in our global community. We conduct weekly quality audits on delivered translations, which take into account accuracy (minimizing changes in intended meaning and additions or omissions of content); fluency (detecting grammatical and spelling errors to ensure intelligibility); and style (relating to formal vs. informal tone and compliance with brand guidelines and terminology). Additionally, we perform regular, ongoing evaluations of individual editors and continue to build and improve tools that boost their performance.

Do you have an API?

Unbabel Chatbots offers a secure API to fully integrate with bot platforms and customer service workflows. We’re available to guide your development team throughout the process and provide detailed documentation and examples on how to use the Unbabel Chatbots API. Get in touch to find out more.

Unbabel Chatbots

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