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Beat the language boss

Score higher satisfaction with your players and unlock operational agility, with scalable support translation across channels.

Leading brands use Unbabel to give their players the best experience

  • King
  • Logitech
  • Oculus
  • Kongregate

The Unbabel for Gaming approach

Authenticity is the name of the game — but being there for your global customers is about much more than localizing your best-selling titles. Unbabel helps you deliver support that strengthens relationships and builds brand loyalty.

Make it a conversation

Domain-adapted translation engines mean your agents’ replies sound natural and on-brand in every language. And personalized, native-language support earns you points with players. Unbabel customer Logitech saw an increase of nearly 20% in CSAT in languages supported with Unbabel.

Always on, because the game never stops

With scalable chat and email translation plus a multilingual help center, you can consistently exceed your players’ expectations — even during those late nights. (Pizza not included.)

Be there for every player

Localizing gameplay and narratives is second nature — so don’t let the great customer experience you’ve built up break down with English-only support. Unbabel enables your support agents to provide comprehensive multilingual coverage, including in expensive or low-volume languages.


Unlock efficient multilingual support

With Unbabel, you can give all your players a native-language experience as you expand into markets or streamline existing coverage. Fully adjustable to inbound volumes, Unbabel allows you to scale language coverage up and down as you need it. For low-volume and expensive, difficult to source languages, that means you can deliver a consistently great customer experience for less.


Recruit agents who know games, not languages

Who would you hire if language skills weren’t a job requirement, or even a consideration? By enabling your agents to respond to customers in any language, Unbabel gives you access to a more competitive talent pool. Unbabel’s intuitive user experience for agents means no training is required — and gives you back the time and resources you need to get agents well versed in all your titles. Support agents who share your players’ passion for gaming are much more likely to give your players the answers they’re looking for.

Consistent brand voice

Nail the lingo your players use every day

When your players need their questions answered, they’re looking for more than speed. They want support from agents who game like them, and sound like them. Our unique blend of domain-adapted machine and human translation ensures your brand voice is accurately translated in every language. The result is customer support that feels more like a conversation between two gamers — along with increased brand loyalty.

Players appreciate a response in their native language. Our PSAT scores have increased.

Patricia Gomez, Head of Content & Insights

Unbabel has helped us increase CSAT scores by about 20% in the foreign languages we’re supporting. Because the general team can field inquiries, we saw the first response time cut by 50%.

John Wie, Director of Customer Experience

Unbabel for the gaming industry

Ready to level up?

Give your players their best game with scalable translation across digital support channels.