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MT efficiency, native authenticity

Disruption calls for rock solid customer experience. Harness the power of our AI-powered, human-refined translation and deliver authentic multilingual support at scale.

Major brands in tech trust Unbabel to support their growing global user bases

  • Microsoft
  • Tinder
  • Eventbrite
  • Soundcloud
  • Trello

The Unbabel approach for tech

Deliver the empathetic support the digital world needs — without compromising the speed or integrity of your workflow.

Be available, night or day

Unbabel enables you to provide native-quality multilingual support, no matter when your customers reach out. The speed and quality of Unbabel’s translation are so high, your customers will never guess they’re speaking with a non-native agent.

Knowledge base is power

Give your customers the answers they’re looking for — and your support staff the time to focus on more challenging cases — with an effortlessly multilingual help center.

Safety first

Unbabel is fully GDPR compliant, automatically detecting and redacting your customers’ information before it ever reaches our community of editors, who review translations for accuracy and fluency.


Authentic support at a fraction of the cost

Unbabel gives you the flexibility to provide multilingual support from anywhere — whether it’s a centralized support hub far from home, or a small team located in-house. By extending agents’ capacity, you can maximize efficiency without compromising on the quality that sets your brand apart. Unbabel customer easyJet saw savings up to 76% in notoriously expensive languages like Dutch and German — all while CSAT rose by 4.2 percentage points.

Operational efficiency

Scalable support translation

With Unbabel, you can give all your customers a native-language experience as you expand into markets or streamline existing coverage. Fully adjustable to inbound volumes, Unbabel allows you to scale language coverage up and down as you need it. For low-volume and expensive, hard to resource languages, that means you can deliver a consistently great customer experience for less.

Customer satisfaction

Wow them with your know-how

Who would you hire if language skills weren’t a job requirement — or even a consideration? By enabling your agents to respond to customers in any language, Unbabel gives you access to a more competitive talent pool. Focus on turning your agents into product experts who deliver amazing customer experiences at any moment of the day. Major tech brands like Logitech and Microsoft have seen CSAT scores increase by as much as 20%, thanks to native-quality coverage and recruitment that values expertise and people skills above language ability.

Unbabel works straight out of the box, and the human element to Unbabel’s translation platform really lends a sense of security and trust. Our customers are demonstrably happier since we began using Unbabel.

Lauri Haav, Head of Customer Loyalty

That's why Unbabel is a great fit for us – it fits into our workflows, providing high-quality translations and completing them very quickly. It allows our team to build relationships, resolve complex issues and maintain a high standard of quality with our users, regardless of where they are in their journey on our platform.

James Baldwin, Senior Manager of Customer and User Support

We’ve been impressed by how quickly Unbabel has been able to deliver responses that meet our standards — even when queries are highly technical or local in nature.

Author Care Team, Kobo Writing Life

Unbabel for the tech industry

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