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Travel light with seamless multilingual support

Enjoy the same freedom you give your travelers, with scalable support translation across digital channels.

Leading brands use Unbabel to give their travelers a smoother journey:

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • easyJet
  • getyourguide
  • trivago

The Unbabel approach for travel

If the sky is no longer the limit, why should language be? Unbabel enables you to be there for your customers when they need it most, with rapid, native-quality multilingual support.

Around the world in every language

Unbabel enables you to increase, scale, and streamline your multilingual coverage, especially in traditionally expensive or difficult to source languages, including European and Asian languages, as well as the long tail.

Have empathy, will travel

Quick, native-quality support goes along way in diffusing high-stakes situations. Unbabel’s translation pipeline is fast and attuned to your tone of voice. Rather than improvise translation, Unbabel-enabled agents can focus on providing fast, personal support.

Be there when your travelers need you most

Our powerful combination of machine and human translation helps you keep travelers up to date with rapid, always-on multilingual support. Now you can give all your customers the information they need, in their native language, regardless of the timezone they’re in.


First-class support at a fraction of the cost

Unbabel gives you the flexibility to provide multilingual support from anywhere — whether it’s a centralized support hub far from home, or a small team located in-house. By extending agents’ capacity, you can maximize efficiency without compromising on the speed or quality that sets your support apart. Unbabel customer easyJet saw savings up to 76% in notoriously expensive languages like Dutch and German, all while achieving CSAT scores that were 4.2% higher than in native-agent supported languages.

Operational efficiency

Scalable support translation

With Unbabel, your agents are automatically fluent in up to 30 business-critical languages. Whether you’re entering new markets or expanding existing business, Unbabel makes scaling a great customer experience as simple as clicking a button. You can allocate the time and resources you used to put towards language-recruiting and HR operations into advanced training and initiatives that really move the needle with your customers.


Stay calm and switch on Unbabel

Support centers inundated with queries during incident or seasonality spikes? Not anymore. Fully adjustable to inbound volumes, Unbabel extends your team’s capacity when your travelers need it most. By allowing any agent to deliver support in the languages you need, Unbabel helps eliminate service bottlenecks. No more “getting by” during service peaks — coast through them with always-on support translation. Additional hires not required.

Unbabel doesn’t just cut the cost of customer support — it allows us to provide support in scenarios where previously we simply couldn’t.

Jon Thorne, Global User Satisfaction Manager

At trivago, we want to empower each of our users at every stage of their experience. We want to reflect this philosophy in the way we communicate to them. Unbabel’s high-end customization ensures a consistent tone of voice that reflects our brand’s value.

Carolin Wilms, User Support Team Lead

Making [users] wait because they spoke a non-English language was unacceptable. With Unbabel, not only is the user happier, but the advocates are happier.

Kristina Mercier, Senior Manager, User Happiness

Unbabel’s solution is providing flexibility during language spikes and maintaining a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Dafydd Dil, Strategic Innovation & Automation Manager

Unbabel for the travel industry

Ready for takeoff?

Excel at customer experience while streamlining your operations, with scalable translation across digital support channels.