Groupon's Guide to Holiday Support: From Backlog to Bliss

Adam Lindsey

Adam Lindsey

Senior Director, Global Service Operations, Groupon

Rob Cross

Rob Cross

Webinar Host, Unbabel

It’s common to think that Q4 of the calendar year is known as the ‘holiday season’, but for a global company like Groupon, this happens all year round. So it comes as no surprise that their support team knows what it takes to tackle a spike in customer tickets, across the globe.

In this episode, we spoke speaking to Adam Lindsey, as he shared details on how his team have always managed to stay one step ahead when it comes to keeping customers happy during busy periods of the year.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The most effective ways of reducing a backlog of tickets
  • How to prepare and support your team both mentally and practically
  • What types of communication resonates best with customers
  • How a change in your support channels can lead to more efficiency
  • How to turn unsatisfied customers into loyal ones

Watch the recap:

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