What’s New at Unbabel – A Recap of Recent Launches

14. März 2024y

In our commitment to breaking language barriers, Unbabel continues to lead the way in translation and localization technologies. We have recently launched a series of new features designed to enhance efficiency, ensure cultural relevance, and provide deeper insights for businesses around the globe. 

Let’s take a look at our recent releases:

Streamlining translation projects

The Projects App is a leap forward in managing translation tasks. Building upon the foundation set by our Orders App, it’s tailored for the efficient orchestration of large-scale, multi-format translation projects. 

Whether it’s localizing a complete marketing campaign or managing diverse content types, the Projects App stands out by offering:

  • Unified Project Management: Organize multiple translation tasks within a single, intuitive interface, simplifying the complexity of large projects.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: Stay informed with a comprehensive overview of individual tasks and overall project progress, ensuring timely and cohesive completion.
  • Collaborative Workspace: Foster teamwork with features that support draft saving and seamless collaboration, making it easier to align on translation objectives and outcomes.

The Projects App simplifies and enhances translation project management and requests, making complex, large-scale tasks more efficient and collaborative.

Enhanced Reporting at Your Fingertips

Our revamped Reporting App in the Portal now offers even more detailed insights into usage, quality, and agent performance over time. With customizable filters and breakdowns, users gain comprehensive visibility into their Unbabel usage, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize their translation strategy.

The Reporting App offers detailed insights into usage, quality, and agent performance, with customizable filters for data-driven decisions to optimize translation strategy.

This major update enhances user experience with a more detailed and customizable reporting framework, enabling businesses to:

  • Deep Dive into Data: Explore comprehensive reports with the flexibility to filter and breakdown information according to various dimensions, including volume, speed, content type and more.
  • Advanced Filtering: Tailor reports to see the data that matters the most, enabling strategic decision-making and better resource management.
  • Agent Performance Insights: Gain a clearer understanding of how individual agents and groups are performing, helping to benchmark and improve team effectiveness.

Transparent and Detailed Billing

Understanding translation spending shouldn’t be a puzzle. The updated Billing App provides a clear overview of subscription details and unit usage. With enhanced filtering options and detailed breakdown capabilities, it’s easier than ever to analyze spending, track invoices, and allocate costs effectively, ensuring full financial control. Now giving access to:

  • A Comprehensive Overview: Understand subscription details and unit usage with ease, including a historical view of unit spending and remaining balances.
  • Customizable Analysis Tools: Tailored financial analyses with filters matching those in Usage Reporting, enabling precise cost attribution and financial planning.
  • Invoice Management Features: Trackers for invoices, amounts and statuses, ensuring smooth financial operations.

Gain clarity and control over translation spending with the updated Billing App

Precise and Tailored Localization

In a global marketplace, one-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it. Our Localization Module marks a significant advancement in how machine translation adapts content for specific markets. This feature allows for precise localization of entities like dates, metrics, and currencies, catering to:

  • Brand-Specific Requests: Customizable translations to align with brand voice and requirements across languages, enhancing global brand presence.
  • Seamless Localization: Our system intelligently localizes content to fit the cultural and linguistic context of target markets, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Localization Module enables precise, market-specific adaptation of content for global brand resonance and engagement.

And now, you can explore the full potential of Unbabel’s latest innovations for yourself. Schedule a free demo today or if you’re an existing customer, reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.

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