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Unbabel for Kustomer

Handle high volume effortlessly with scalable and cost-effective multilingual customer support

The Unbabel + Kustomer integration provides a fully integrated translation workflow for optimized customer and agent experiences.

How it works

With the seamless integration of Unbabel into Kustomer CRM, agents can handle any interaction regardless of the customer’s language and provide efficient service, faster.

Global Coverage

Customers write in their native language and you get a translation of the inbound message, delivered by Unbabel.

Agent Productivity

Craft your reply in your own language and Unbabel will translate back.

Customer Delight

Your customers just see helpful responses in their native language.

Built to make you better

Seamless agent experience

Unbabel translations are powered by AI, edited by humans, and delivered right in the Kustomer Workspace - a single-screen view of the entire customer journey, across all channels.

Efficient global coverage

Scale your operations, improve your agent's productivity, and increase your multilingual support coverage without increasing costs.

Unbabel for Kustomer

Ready to get started?

The combination of Unbabel + Kustomer leads to faster average handle times, optimized agent utilization, and higher customer loyalty.