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Unbabel for Wix Answers

Unlock efficient multilingual support with built-in translation

Support your customers in their native languages inside Wix Answers.

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How it works

There’s never been a simpler, more reliable way to translate your support tickets.

Clients write to you in their native language

Translations are automatically added to your tickets

Type #unbabel in the internal note and write your response

Your customers just see helpful responses in their native language

Built to make you better

Boost your customer satisfaction

Customers are more comfortable when you respond in their native language. Fast native-quality support paves the way for a smoother customer experience — and higher CSAT scores.

Unleash your team’s potential

Your agents bring the support skills. We bring the language skills. With Unbabel for Wix Answers, you can expand into new markets without hiring native agents.

Unbabel for Wix Answers

Ready to get started?

Seamlessly translate your customer interactions with our easy integration for Wix Answers.