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November 2, 2022

Unbabel’s flagship summit returns for a second year. We will explore how to successfully, and cost-effectively, build out a custom global CX strategy that resonates with all your markets, and showcase scenarios of big brands that have achieved this.

Is your multilingual CX strategy optimized to capture global revenue growth?

68% of consumers worldwide will switch to a different brand that offers products, services, and/or support in their native language.

For too long, businesses have struggled to deliver great CX to their global customers at scale, but without engaging and supporting them in their local language – it’s no wonder they’re falling short. Organizations worldwide are turning to AI + automation to deliver (inter)stellar multilingual CX across all touchpoints of their customer journey – from awareness to loyalty, through to customer support.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Cross the challenges of adapting your brand to local markets to drive more leads and conversions


Optimize your current headcount and resources by using your CRM to its full potential


Find out about translation quality and see why standard machine translation alone is not a viable business tool


Enjoy a glimpse into the future of translation requirements in growing businesses


A selection of registree's from LangOps Universe 2021

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Join us

We can’t wait to see you (virtually) at LangOps Universe on Wednesday, 2 November.

Until then, Happy Hour is on us! Enjoy a free cocktail from The Cocktail Box Co. Look out for a separate email from our mailing partner, Sendoso.