Investing in the Future: Demystifying AI in Customer Service

After years of hype, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting real, and one of the top use cases is Customer Service. Discover how leveraging AI can help drive efficiencies, reduce team churn and delight customers.

About this guide

In 2020, 85 percent of organizations use AI in their applications, and one of the most common use cases is customer service. 

If done right, AI can make teams more efficient by automating otherwise manual processes. But how can you ensure teams don’t get lost in the novelty and actually invest in AI with proven ROI? 

Get a sneak peek into the essential use cases of AI in Customer Service

  • The rise of chatbots: Automate frequent requests and build more scalable teams to deal with the big issues
  • Data insights: AI for customer service can give you insights into customer feelings, loyalty, and when they’ll consider another purchase
  • Multilingual support: A must-have in the age of globalization, and AI is the key to find savings in translations