Fantastic Fonts for Translation and Where to Find Them

Did you know that not every typeface supports every language? 

Using the wrong font to render translated texts can transform carefully crafted content into a clutter of unknown Unicode symbols. Romanians will suddenly speak romnete rather than românește, and languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Korean, or Thai will turn into full-on cryptograms.

So, how can you ensure your customers won’t need a cipher to crack the code of your global messaging? 

Download our infographic to discover:

  • How fonts can make or break your translation efforts in different languages
  • The drawbacks of leveraging a font that only supports Latin glyphs
  • How licensing works, and the differences between commercial use and open-source free fonts

Plus, a list of the best multilingual fonts on the typography market, handpicked by our very own in-house localization experts.