PayPal's Blueprint for Creating a Global Support Team

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor

Director Servicing Strategy, PayPal

Violeta Swart

Violeta Swart

Webinar Host, Unbabel

435 million users worldwide and counting. Trying to support every single one of those customers is a monumental task, but for PayPal it’s been a challenge which they overcame, thanks to a carefully crafted, global support strategy.

From localizing their marketing efforts, to being able to provide support in any language, PayPal’s journey to having a global presence has involved a lot of lessons along the way.

In this episode we spoke to Josh Taylor, to learn more about what he picked up from his experiences, and how they can make a difference to your approach to global customers.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How PayPal selected which regions to enter and support
  • What role BPOs and partners had in the expansion process
  • How PayPal were able to overcome the language barriers
  • How best to manage and coordinate global support teams

Check out the webinar recap:

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