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Live chat and bots are quickly becoming the go-to channel for customers to interact with your brand. Fast, convenient and low maintenance, you can help your customers solve their problems in near-real-time, significantly improving customer experience and satisfaction overall.

But what happens when customers start chatting to you in a different language?

Talk the talk

Understand and be understood by your customers in their native languages. Whether it’s your agents interacting through live chat or if you’ve got bots deployed for first response, Unbabel’s Translation API integrates seamlessly with your workflow.

Grow and keep high Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect to be spoken to in their native languages. Don’t rub customers the wrong way by insisting on English or copy-pasting phrases off the web. Our systems adapt to your brand voice and style guides, ensuring what your agents and bots say is what they read — in up to 28 languages.

Business as usual

No need to hire extra native agents to handle the long tail of your customers’ languages, or ensuring consistent response times during holiday peaks or weekends. Unbabel integrates seamlessly in the background giving your agents multilingual superpowers.

Read and write in one language: yours.

Your agents might be trained up in one language. Don’t let that stop you from interacting with customers in dozens of others.

Combining Machine + Human Intelligence

Unbabel combines state-of-the-art Domain-Adapted Machine Translation with a global community of 50,000+ bilingual editors.


Got bots trained up in one language and deployed in first response? Unbabel makes them multilingual in minutes.

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