Unbabel for Customer Service

Happier customers, in every language

Increase customer satisfaction, cut down response times, and build a more efficient operation.

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Our customer service solution has seamless integrations with platforms like

Transform your customer experience

Get happier customers, more productive teams and save time and money with Unbabel.

Improve CSAT Scores

Achieve higher CSAT scores by speaking your customer’s native languages in every interaction.

Time to first reply is another decisive factor you can improve with Unbabel, empowering any agent to reply in any language.

Skyscanner's customer satisfaction increased from 75% to 92% in one year with Unbabel.

Optimize team performance

Hire your agents for their customer support skills and make them multilingual with Unbabel’s seamless integrations.

Translate your Knowledge Bases and provide easy self-service options in your customer’s languages, reducing your team’s workload.

Reduce costs

With Unbabel you can keep a lean customer service team working in one location.

There’s no need to hire extra people for the linguistic long-tail or to cover for holidays, peak seasons or sick days.

Daniel Wellington uses Unbabel to cover a long tail of languages that are uneconomical to support natively.

What Unbabel does for you

Unbabel removes language as a concern, seamlessly translating these key content types at the core of your customer support operations.


Unbabel automatically translates all inbound messages to your agents' preferred language(s), and ensures all outbound messages are received by your customers in their languages.


Unbabel enables customer service agents to have conversations with customers in their preferred language, in near real time.

Knowledge Bases

Make your help center and FAQs available - and up to date - in all the languages your customers speak. Edit content in one language, and roll out the changes in dozens of others.

Our Integrations

Unbabel can be integrated seamlessly with the most popular Customer Service, CRM and Chat platforms.

Unbabel Translation API

Custom integrations

Are you using another platform or a proprietary solution? You can still integrate with Unbabel’s translation API.

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Unbabel for Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy

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Why Unbabel?

Unbabel unlocks multilingual communication for global businesses.

We're fast

Unbabel delivers professional-grade translation of the customer communications that power your business in a matter of minutes. Under 10 for support emails, and near real time for live chat.

Quality you can trust

Unbabel combines the best of machine and human intelligence to deliver your brand voice in every language. Always sound like a native with state-of-the-art tech adapted to your requirements.

Built to go everywhere

The Unbabel platform and its seamless integrations with leading customer service systems give your team multilingual superpowers without changing their workflows.

Unbabel works with global customer-obsessed businesses

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