Multilingual Customer Service

Make the foreign familiar. Unbabel makes your customer service team multilingual in minutes.

Multilingual Customer Service

Make your customer support team multilingual in 5 minutes

Got international customers? No need to hire multilingual agents; Unbabel lets your customer service team reply to tickets in your users’ native languages.

Companies like Pinterest, Skyscanner, Oculus, and Under Armour know that when they offer multilingual customer support, their clients are more likely to be satisfied and more likely to repurchase. 

Read how Pinterest uses Unbabel.

Translation speed

Fast customer service translation turnaround time

To get high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), speedy answers are crucial. Unbabel can deliver your answers in your customers’ languages in as little as 20 minutes.

Get human-quality customer service translations, fast

Speed is of the essence when delivering great customer service. Language barriers slow this process down considerably – unless you’re using Unbabel.

With the fastest average speed in the industry, our worldwide community of translators can turn around translations in less than 20 minutes on popular language pairs.

Translation speed
Multilingual customer care

A global community of 50,000 augmented by Artificial Intelligence

Augmented by award-winning artificial intelligence software, Unbabel’s tens of thousands of bilinguals work around the clock to deliver trustworthy conversational translations at scale for some of the world’s most well-known brands.

And while doing so, they train the underlying core technologies to get better and better at automatic translations, building custom glossaries and style guides for each client.

Customer service translation

High Level Customer Satisfaction

Your customers won’t tell the difference: Unbabeled tickets have Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) levels on par with native customer care.

Increase second purchase chances with a few clicks.

Increase language coverage without hiring more agents.

Build high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) in multiple languages

With a powerful API that combines a global network of 50,000 bilingual translators and award-winning machine learning algorithms, Unbabel helps companies like Pinterest, Oculus and MyFitnessPal build customer satisfaction and loyalty across language barriers.

Don't hire more agents; give your existing ones multilingual superpowers

Build high CSAT scores across multiple languages.

Drive repeat purchases and upgrades from satisfied customers

Customer service translation
Integrate seamlessly with

What customers say

''We decreased the number of support cases by 20% and customer satisfaction increased 50%! Using Unbabel to translate our FAQs has a clearly positive ROI!''
Julie Monniot-GaillisJulie Monniot-Gaillis
Localization Coordinator , MyFitnessPal
''Unbabel has been an amazing addition to our customer support. It's rare to find a service that provides speedy, high quality translations from real people -- and on top of that, it's easy to use!''
Carly SabineCarly Sabine
Community Support , Viki
''Unbabel have proven themselves to be a valuable partner, covering languages that were difficult for us to offer. Their support is excellent, and we are very happy with their services.''
Jon ThorneJon Thorne
Global User Satisfaction Manager , Skyscanner

Multilingual Customer Service FAQ

Why should I provide multilingual customer support? Doesn’t everyone speak English?

It’s not just to cut down on wasted time copying and pasting from an error-prone Google Translate, nor to save on hiring agents who speak your customers’ languages — 74% of online shoppers say they are “more likely to purchase from the same brand again if the after-sales care is in their native language,” says Common Sense Advisory.

And what about the quality of the translations? Come on, we’ve all used Google Translate…

Unbabel has a global community of over 50,000 bilingual translators who work via their own dedicated mobile apps and desktop portals. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to send them not just the original text, but suggested translations that they can amend with a few taps or clicks, saving Unbabel’s clients time and money in delivering trustworthy native-language customer service at scale.

Nice. How long does the translation of a ticket take?

In our most popular language pairs, you can expect our human-powered translations to take less than 20 minutes.

And what about non-customer support translations? Can Unbabel help me out?

It depends. We want to focus on creating value in this important vertical, but our vision is to build the world’s translation layer, so we’re always tinkering away on projects that can bring us closer to this. If you’ve got a LOT of content (e.g. thousands of blog posts, product descriptions) and you think you can connect with our powerful API, get in touch with our sales team today to see if we can help out.

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