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Unbabel announces partnership with Google through its International Growth Program

Google's Global Business Solutions teams up with Unbabel. The announcement comes ahead of a joint webinar “Go global, serve local: accelerating growth with Unbabel”, on May 21

London, UK, and Lisbon, Portugal: Unbabel, the leading enterprise multilingual support provider, has launched its partnership with Global Business Solutions, provided by Google’s International Growth Team, aimed at providing enterprises with the power to support customer queries in up to 29 languages seamlessly.

Google’s International Growth Team aims to remove clients’ operational hurdles through Google’s best-in-class operational advisory and partner network on localization, global payments, international logistics and global CX solutions.

Google chose Unbabel to help clients overcome one key obstacle to internationalization: the language barrier in customer service. By including Unbabel’s AI-powered, human-refined “translation-as-a-service” model as part of a toolkit it offers to enterprises, Google is helping clients to scale their businesses abroad and improve their customer experience globally.

“A key enabler of success for the program is the partner network that we extend to our advertisers,” said Rebecca Walsh, International Growth Program Manager at Google. “We’re very excited to partner with Unbabel to help accelerate our clients’ international expansion and ensure a consistently high-quality experience in their customers’ native languages.”

The announcement comes ahead of a joint webinar, “Go global, serve local: accelerating growth with Unbabel,” on seamless multilingual customer support, presented by Unbabel and Google, on May 21. With registration now open, the webinar is an opportunity for companies to learn how to provide operationally efficient customer support in every language without compromising on quality.

Vasco Pedro, CEO of Unbabel, commented: “Our partnership with Google is a significant moment in the future of global customer service. Our unique technology coupled with Google’s global reach will, I hope, make it easier than ever for companies to serve their customers in their native language.”

About Unbabel
Unbabel enables modern enterprises to serve customers in their native languages, with always-on, scalable translation across digital channels.

Powered by AI and refined by a global community of translators, Unbabel combines the speed and scale of machine translation with the authenticity that can come only from a native speaker.

Unbabel has raised over \$31M in funding and has over 200 employees across its Lisbon headquarters and offices in San Francisco, New York, and Pittsburgh. Leading brands like Facebook, Microsoft, Booking.com, and easyJet use Unbabel to make their customers happier and their support operations vastly more efficient.

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